“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.11): Three is a crowd


Jane and Frost go to visit her and on the way up get stopped by a gangbanger in the stairwell. He suggest Jane be his “shortie” and Frost gets all Rambo and says, “Step away, punk-ass bitch.” This reminds me, I need to call more people a “punk-ass bitch.” It seems very edifying, and effective. Even Jane Rizzoli gives it a 10 on the butch points scale, and that’s saying something.

The next morning, Jane brings Korsak over and his C.I. is there and ready to testify. She leaves for the office (but we all know it’s just to find Maura) and then engages in a game of tease the OCD guy for their amusement in the cafeteria. Mostly it’s just a chance to get in a little morning eye shag with Maura.

But then, as if I needed more reasons to hate him, O’Really? pops up in the cafeteria to break up the cute and confront Jane about coming on his show. He says he loves the cops. Jane says he did a hatchet job on Korsak. Again, the irony of this situation given real-life political leanings is fairly hilarious.

Maura jumps in to defend her lady. Feisty Maura makes me almost as happy as Butchy Maura. She says he can be a really mean man and wasn’t very nice to Barney Frank. Score one for Maura for defending the “family.” I mean, really, of all the congressmen O’Really? has been awful to on his show, she picks Barney? Us gays gotta stick together, sister.

But then, being the unfailing polite lady that she is, she tells him “I’m sorry I called you mean. You’re not nearly as awful in person.” Snort times infinity.

After Jane refuses to come on the show one last time, Mama R chimes in and offers to take him to a nice Italian restaurant. Like any good gay daughter, the thought of your mother going on a date O’Really? makes her immediately grab her girlfriend and run. But, seriously, the amount of times Jane has pushed and pulled Maura around this episode has to be some sort of TGTGT record. It’s like she’s acting as rudder to the S.S. Isles.

Maura gets a break in the case when she learns the exoskeleton she found in the victim’s shoes were from an exotic pest infesting one park in the city. Jane asks if that means he could have been killed there and Maura says she can only conclude his shoes were there. To that, our favorite raven-haired detective calls her favorite auburn-haired medical examiner “officially ridiculous right now” and I go pop some fresh popcorn because it’s better than going to the movies when these two turn into the Adorable Bickersons.

So then it’s Jane’s turn to give us a “Come on, Maura!” and, of course, Maura comes. (Not like that – right now at least. They’re working.) They find the murder scene at the park and Dr. Isles somehow manages to still look gorgeous while holding up brain matter.

They also find a tire impression and Maura recognizes the outline of a roofing nail stuck in the treads and suddenly feels sick. And so now is the time to take that thing about never saying never out of your back pocket.

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