“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.11): Three is a crowd


Speaking of the Rizzoli clan, it’s matriarch is busy buttering up Maura at the book signing so she’ll flash her M.E.’s badge and get them to the front of the line. And when that fails she uses the Jane bully method and just says, “Maura, come on!” Maura, of course, responds immediately and bustles them to the front flashing her badge and claiming “Commonwealth business.”

She introduces Mama R after a bit of a pause as her “co-worker.” Yeah, I don’t think she would have gotten that autograph if she introduced her the correct way to O’Really? Mama R freezes up when faced with the man himself (he’s like the Medusa of political punditry) so Maura has to chime in and spout some medical facts, per usual.

Then O’Really? recognizes Jane’s name when Mama R finally regains speech he demands she come on his show. Mama R obliges by dropping her daughter’s cell digits on him. Maura realizes the complete wrongness of this and tries the old cough, cough cut-it-out routine to no avail. Boy, she’s never going to hear the end of this from Jane. “You let my ma do what? What kind of girlfriend are you? Do you know how that he likes to say about loofah and falafel while on the phone?”

Back at headquarters, Jane immediately gets calls from O’Really? and hangs up on him saying she’ll arrest him. She thinks it’s an impersonator, but I think the sentiment still holds for the real guy. But she has bigger problems as Korsak won’t give up his C.I. and even turns in his badge. Jane finds him at the Dirty Robber drowning his sorrows in the bottom of a glass. Adding pompous insult to self-inflicted injury, O’Really? is blathering on about corruption in the Boston Police department. Well, at least they’re not making him likable – though no one is that good a TV writer.

Jane is determined to clear Korsak’s name, and searches with Frost through his files to find his C.I. She knows he is just protecting him – and after a long night of searching (and the rewind-worthy taking off of jackets) they find out the he is really a she. It’s the dead witness’ baby mama.

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