“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.11): Three is a crowd


Back at the cafeteria, Jane finds Maura getting coffee. Delgado keeps blowing up Jane’s phone asking for a “1920” – which I’m assuming is an act found on that page of the Kama Sutra. Look, lady, you can go after Jane or you can go after Maura. You can’t go after both – that’s just greedy.

Maura’s a little curious what this whole mysterious “1920” business is about, too. She knows all of Jane’s other cop talk, mimicking her lady of the husky voice’s speaking style saying: “Code 10 – that’s lunch,” and “I’m off for a personal – that’s when you have to do No. 2.”

Jane flashes her that, “Really? Talking about my bowel movements in public again, honey?” look. Boundaries, Maura does not have them when it comes to Jane. It’s just the cutest.

Just then Mama R comes running up with “great news!” Maura assumes it is that “North Korea has a new leader” and Jane rolls her eyes and just that two-second interaction makes this a 1,000-times funnier and more perceptive relationship comedy than Whitney. But Mama R’s news isn’t about the fall of a totalitarian dictatorship, but the arrival of one because O’Really? is in town for a book signing.

Jane refuses to take her, as does Frankie. But then Mama R sets her sights on her daughter-in-law, who agrees. Going above-and-beyond for the in-laws is pretty much Maura’s signature move now. Jane physically drags her girlfriend away, which has pretty much become her signature move now. And then an adorable game of Tug-o-Maura ensues. Who needs dumb old rope anyway?

Back in the examination room, Maura is performing the autopsy on the witness as Jane watches. Maura finds peat moss in the victim’s shoe and an arthropod exoskeleton. Did I mention she talked to the shoe while doing this? Jane looks at her girlfriend like, “God, you are the weirdest. I love you, you little freak.”

Because I’ve watched about over a million hours worth of Law & Order marathons, I know the next legal maneuver is the defense trying to get the case dismissed. The twist this time is they want the murder weapon thrown out because Korsak can’t produce his confidential informant. There are even whispers Korsak made the C.I. up to collar Little T. But Jane will have none of that.

She goes back to see Maura, who has moved on to stomach contents. Frankie is there too, but in a good little brother, wants to be a good detective capacity. Not a bad little brother, hitting on his sister’s woman capacity.

Maura declares there’s bad news (undigested iceberg lettuce) and good news (undigested ground beef). Jane translate it as “Maura news” and then teases her inability to tell the grade of beef or market it came from. Maura doesn’t even look up but gives Jane an “I’m ignoring you” which earns a dimpled grin from Jane. Be more in love, you two. I dare you.

The victim was killed less than two hours after eating (and the poor dear just ordered a burger, not the steak). And, he has a white coating on his tongue that turns out to be breath mint residue. Maura offers Jane a chance to smell for herself, but this isn’t her first stomach contents rodeo. It is Frankie’s though, so he takes a whiff. Oh you Rizzolis, you need to invite me to Thanksgiving dinner this year because you are just the best.

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