“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.11): Three is a crowd


The next morning, Jane and Maura walk into the cafeteria together. Guess it was a sleepover night after all. Jane asks Mama R to make her some eggs, while complaining to Maura about how her mother has the hots for B.O. And, once again, Jane has the perfectly normal heterosexual reaction of “vomit” at the thought of an opposite-sex attraction.

Before our morning-after lovebirds can refuel with a proper breakfast, Jane gets a call for a gang-related shooting. Jane deploys the Ponytail of Righteous Justice, but it’s too late because the victim is the witness in her case. ADA Delgado shows up and immediately blames Jane. Whoa, whoa, whoa, lady. You see the ponytail, right? Take a step backward and think carefully about your words. This broad shot through herself to shoot someone else. And from the stare she shoots Delgado alone, you’d think she’d need Kevlar.

Still, Delgado is too busy shooting Maura some looks of her own, and not the kind that need a bullet-proof vest. Though there could be some sort of protection needed, if you know what I mean. They chat while walking back to Delgado’s car, only to find it has a flat. She blames gangbangers slashing her tire, but Maura uses her powers of rational observation instead and finds a roofing nail. Then promptly offers to change the tire for her.

Every time a femme does a butch’s job, a lesbian angel gets its wings. Maura busts out some more appropriate footwear, pulls on some rubber gloves (see what I was saying about protection before – ahem) and starts loosening those lug nuts. Korsak offers to help, but Maura says she likes to keep her “skill set fresh.” I’m sure that’s as much for Jane’s benefit as her own. Wait, am I thinking of a different tool-related skill set.

I’m not sure how she does it, but Sasha Alexander manages to look equal parts glamorous and dyketastic in this moment. It’s the hair and the tools and – OK, yes, the gloves. It’s so hot I want to take this screenshot behind the middle school and get it pregnant. Metaphorically.

Delgado does, too, and engages in a little ocular flirtation of her own as they put the flat in her trunk. She’s also wearing rubber gloves, which means she’s either really cocky or really optimistic.

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