“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.10): The monster inside of us


You know that monster inside of all of us, well, what if that monster was a little less inside and a little more – hey, why are your eyes glowing? Bo wrestles with the demons from her past come to haunt her in the present. And Lauren, well, Lauren wrestles with that pesky L word. When people aren’t wrestling with metaphorical monsters, they’re getting the crap beaten out of them by the real-life monstrous powers of the Fae. Bo goes undercover at an underground fight club to find out how a human is taking down Fae fighters in the ring and everyone’s heart takes a bit of a beating.


First rule of Fae Fight Club: You do not talk about Fae Fight Club unless Bo is wearing a black tank top. Luckily for us, Bo pretty much wears that black tank top all episode long. And Lauren wears her leather jacket. And side-by-side, they’re the place brown-eyed girl lovers go to die a happy, happy death.


Life’s hard when you don’t know who you are, and sometimes even harder when you find out. When Bo isn’t getting a world-class beat down in the MMA cage, she is beating herself up about her past. While it’s been mentioned before that Bo accidentally killed her first boyfriend after they had sex, its ramifications have never been explored until now. That is until the sister of the boy tracks her down and demands justice. And Bo, who has never truly dealt with her past, is overcome with guilt and fear and loathing.

The episode did a nice twist on the whole “sex is evil” theme, where it isn’t the sex that made Bo bad, but not knowing who she really was. It also showed the deepening nature of all of Bo’s relationships. With her best friend, Kenzi, who is willing to run with her. With her Fae friends, Hale and Dyson, who are willing to break the rules make her legal troubles go away. And, of course, with Lauren – who wrestles with that pesky L word and loses. Or perhaps wins. It’s so hard to say at this point. But what once was lost now knows she has friend who will always help her find herself again.


Big Lesbian Feelings were at work, as Lauren laid her heart out unexpectedly while comforting a bruised and battered Bo. First, I love how she checks Dyson and tells him she’s got this in no uncertain terms. And the “this” is Bo. The tenderness with which she tended to Bo, and the heartfeltness of her spontaneous declaration of love are so genuine and so much more in keeping with the Lauren we know and love. Also, can we talk about how well these two women act together? The emotion, just in their eyes, is almost too much.

Lauren: You are a different person then you were then. And the person you are now I absolutely love. [Pause] I didn’t mean. [Sigh] Oh, I don’t know what I mean.

Bo: Forget it. I know you’re all mixed up over Nadia.

Lauren: I don’t even know what I’m feeling these days. …. the thought of waking Nadia up is… But, Bo, the thought of losing you.

Bo: It hurts. … No, I mean the spot you’re on it hurts, it really hurts.

While you could say Bo and Lauren’s roles were reversed this episode (Lauren wanting to talk, Bo brushing it off), her reaction fit into the scope of the story. Bo is in no mood to do anything but punish herself over her past. So her not wanting to process at this point makes sense (unlike Lauren’s cold shoulder from last week which was just crazy out of character). And Lauren, that poor doctor is just torn between her past and her present. We can only hope this is all leading to a point when they’re both ready and open and then the real lesbian processing can begin. I’m already brewing a nice, big pot of herbal tea in preparation.


Another thing Lost Girl did nicely this episode? Mirroring Bo’s own adopted-by-humans storyline in the little boy and his fighter dad. But this time, she gets to give the boy the happy ending she never had with her parents. Also, how nice was it to see sexy, blue-eyed, boning Bo in action again? Sure, I would prefer she get her succu-sexy on with Dr. Hotpants exclusively. But a gal’s got to heal and we’ve seen precious little of that this season.

Less sexy and more frightening? What is up with the new Ash? And what the hell is the new Ash? Apparently the Light Fae don’t have good dental.


“Hey sugar crotch, how was the car service?”


If this limo’s a rockin’, don’t bother a knockin’.

Right, so, how did you feel about Lauren dropping the Big L? And, seriously, what’s with the new Ash’s teeth?

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