Behind-the-scenes “Glee” photos make us thankful for Naya Rivera


American Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means it’s time to take a moment and quietly reflect on the things for which we’re thankful. Like, say, the way Santana is most certainly going to kiss her girl in “I Kissed a Girl,” this week’s Glee episo — What?! What do you mean there’s no new Glee this week? You’re telling me I’m going to have to wait a whole EIGHT DAYS before Santana Lopez melts my heart into a puddle of swoon? Stupid, stupid, stup — er, right. Thanksgiving. It’s Thanksgiving week. Time to be thankful.

Fine. We’ll just have to make ourselves thankful with these behind-the-scenes photos of Naya Rivera from last week’s Glee. (Are we pandering to you because has been experiencing technical difficulties today? Maybe. And you LIKE it.)

Naya, we thank you for the sassy hip-cock, and the way those ruffles hit your thigh in just the right spot.

Naya, we thank you for your locks of hair that would make even a Disney Princess jealous.

Naya, we thank you for conveying more emotion with a single expression than every other character on Fox combined.

Naya, we thank you for glowing, even in the shadows.

Naya, we thank you for existing, even though we have no idea what the actual hell is happening here, and it doesn’t even look like you’re on the stage.

Praise be to Naya Rivera, and to Fox for allowing us to use their promo photos for gratuitous gawking.

Why are you most thankful for Naya Rivera?

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