Gay Girl’s Goggles: “2 Broke Girls” SnapCap (1.09)


When only four percent of scripted TV shows feature LGBT characters, what’s a gay girl to do? Why, strap on your gay goggles and watch TV along with us, of course! Our handy appraisal scale is better than any old letter grade. Other sites A+. We say, “What about our lezzy-lady feelings?”

OK, it can’t just be me imagining things – this show is getting progressively funnier, right? Hell, I think I got in a pretty descent ab workout from last night’s episode from all the genuine guffaws. Max and Johnny’s non-relationship relationship makes it to first base, despite him still having that beautiful, black, British girlfriend. And then they get hired by said girlfriend to cater Johnny’s art show. And then the frosting really hits the fan, so to speak. And I haven’t even gotten started on the subtext. And cleavage adjustments. And waking up in bed together. And requests for soft touching. Oh, show, thank you. I needed that.


Max displays her moist, delicious cupcakes. And Caroline helps fluff their frosting, so to speak. Oh, whatever, you saw Kat Dennings’ cleavage and stopped reading ages ago.


So, not only does the funny get better, but the feelings do, too. Max and Caroline aren’t just the odd-couple at each other’s throats. They’re friends who care about each other – a lot. And friends who do sweet, symbolic things for each other. Like taking your work shift to let you sleep after you’ve humiliated yourself in front of the person you like and woken up covered in frosting. And also buying the painting by said person and personally helping you put your foot through it. They may be broke, but they’ve got each other.


Good gravy, where do we start? I almost think it’d be faster to list the non-subtext instead. Max tells Caroline: “This is my pattern, OK? I fall for the wrong guy. I find out they’re with a girl, a bottle or a needle and I move on. And sometimes I use a bottle to help me do it, or a needle, or a girl.” Caroline tells Max she wants to “soft touch” her “so bad.” And then, Max and Caroline eat each other’s cupcakes. And when then wake up next to each other in Caroline’s vagina bed Max says: “I never thought waking up in bed with another woman with frosting on my boobs would be this depressing.”

Trust me, Max, it wasn’t depressing for us viewers. Not depressing at all.


From Caroline busting out her “white Mariah” during “Happy Birthday” to Max having a stern discussion with her pants (“My pants kept saying, ‘Take me off!’ And I was like, ‘No, pants.’”), this episode brought the funny. Shining a Bat Signal on your vagina? Funny. Hearing your self-esteem flatline? Really funny. Not being cool because you don’t know Adele? Extremely funny. Max and Caroline stuffing the cupcakes down their shirts in homage to Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory? Still chuckling about it, it was that funny.

So, am I right? Is this show just getting better and funnier? Yeah, I’m right – but feel free to still discuss.

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