Minx fans mourn as online “AMC” is put on hold


Sadly, the last time we saw Marissa and Bianca may be the last time we’ll ever see our beloved Minx. 

ABC Soaps In Depth reported late Thursday that Prospect Park has halted plans to take All My Children online — at least for the near future. The production company instead has decided to focus its resources on the web version of One Life to Live. In light of recent word that the company was having trouble finding financial backing for the venture, the news isn’t surprising. But that doesn’t make it any less sad for AMC fans. 

Prospect Park acquired the rights to both ABC soaps last summer and planned to continue the cancelled series on a new Internet channel, The Online Network. But taking an established show to the Web proved to be an expensive proposition — more so than online advertising can support. Concentrating on a single show cuts the production budget in half and, since OTLT is farther along in development, AMC got the shaft. 

So far, only Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) from the original cast had signed with Prospect Park (reports that Darnell Williams/Jesse signed were not confirmed by PP), but negotiations with other actors were in progress. Now all discussions have stopped.

While I am very sad that the incredible coupling of Christina Bennett Lind and Sarah Glendening as Minx will be no more, I’m even more frustrated that we didn’t get a satisfactory ending for AMC. After 41 years of entertaining melodrama, we deserved better. As did the show and its characters.

I suppose we can take some satisfaction in knowing that AMC‘s replacement, The Chew, has not kept the soap’s audience — and its numbers continue to decline. But that won’t bring back our show. All we can do now is let go. And head to the fan fiction boards.

Thanks for the memories, Minx.