Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.07) — Mom, pick up the phone!


The Good Wife showed its greatness this week in the best episode of the season. The case was smart and intense, the subplots were important in giving us insight into how Alicia’s professional life is affected by her relationship with Will, and the guest star was awesome. Best of all, the sly humor was back. Any fears I had about a third season slump vanished in the presence of this ep’s genius.


Diane Lockhart was everywhere in this episode — and we liked it. I know that one of her suits costs more than I make in a year, but somehow, I don’t mind.

Christine Baranski has come a long way from being Cybil’s drunk BFF. Kalinda thinks so, too.

Much more of that glancing down the shirt and I’m hopping aboard the good ship Dalinda.


CYA time definitely has come for Alicia and, fortunately, she knows it. After we heard Will tell Diane a few weeks ago that he would agree to getting rid of Alicia if she put the firm at risk, this episode has Diane suspicious that Alicia’s doing just that. On a call with Will to discuss the case, Diane hears a custom cell phone ring in the background, “Mom, pick up the phone.” I think Diane has heard that ring before. Oops.

In court, Diane makes shifty eyes at Alicia because she’s picturing Willicia shtupping and it gives her the same icky feeling it gives us.

But the real tension comes when Alicia tells Diane and Will that she risks a fine of $250,000 and eight years in jail if she doesn’t answer questions for the Department of Treasury. The partners are concerned only with the firm’s liability — and Alicia can tell. I’m not liking Will Gardner very much right now.


One of my favorite lawyers from the past returns this week as Carrie Preston (Hi, Arlene!) is back as Elsbeth Tascioni. (We saw her in Season 1 defending Peter.)

Elsbeth seems scatterbrained and eccentric — she has flower stickers on her laptop — but she’s brilliant. I hope we see more of her in the future. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a spin-off featuring this character. Anybody listening out there?

Dana (Monica Raymund) may be around a bit longer, since her new job fell through. I don’t know if we’ll get our wish for a hook-up with Kalinda, but the dream is still alive.


Will and Alicia are on shaky ground these days. Diane’s suspicions lead to a very uncomfortable few minutes as the pair sees all the reasons their relationship is a bad idea acted out in a sexual harassment video. Awkward.

Pressure is building from the outside, too. The D.A.’s office decides to pursue an investigation of Will after learning that he took $45,000 from a client to pay off a gambling debt. Dana believes that the information can uncover a pattern of abuse and corruption at Lockhart Gardner. Will and Peter nearly come to blows, knowing that the real issue is Will’s relationship with Alicia. Diane is not going to take kindly to news of this investigation. CYA, Alicia, CYA.

Did you love this episode of The Good Wife as much as I did? Do you think Willicia is doomed or can they survive the wrath of Diane?

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