Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Prime Suspect” SnapCap (1.06)


OK, Prime Suspect, we get it. Det. Jane Timoney has had a complicated love life in the past. But did we really need to juxtapose the story of a hooker who killed her johns with Special K and then robbed them with the story of Jane’s own past discretions with Deputy Chief Costello? Yes, we understand the parallels. You really, really don’t have to hit us over the head with them. We all make mistakes when it comes to sex, some of them are just a little more deadly.


Again, just Jane. I really mean it — this show needs more recurring female characters who aren’t hookers or widows or victims. Though the aerial shots of New York City are pretty enough to make this California girl want to visit – especially if all the homicide detectives look like Maria Bello.


Sexual indiscretion is the name of last night’s game. First it was the indiscretion of the men who went with who they thought was a high-end prostitute and ended up getting drugged and robbed (and in two cases dead). Then it was the indiscretion of Jane, whose past with Costello is revealed by a hotel security head and former detective who remembers her from back in her affair days. And finally there is the made-up indiscretion by the thief masquerading as a prostitute whose boyfriend gets convinced she is cheating on him and so helps the police catch her.

Jane’s indiscretion leads to more whispers about her qualifications for the job from Det. Duffy. But you can tell she is beating herself up about it as well. And it’s also why she goes easy on the Navy Admiral who picked up the prostitute. She doesn’t want his one mistake to end his career – which goes for her own career as well. It’s a little obvious, but Bello plays it well. I also really like the interplay between Jane and her dad each week. It feels real, and it’s a needed touchstone to her private life. Though, man, her boyfriend is a dolt.


Jane’s a little less guns blazing with her hatitude at the beginning of this episode, partially because she gets found out. She did have an affair with Costello in the past. So then she’s in the unfamiliar territory of watching someone else fight her battle for her, when another former detective and head of a different hotel’s security comes to her defense saying, “You know a cop who says he hasn’t slept with another cop, I got news for you – that cop’s a liar.” But fear not, her ‘tude starts returning mid-way when she calls out Duffy for still having his mom make his bed and cook for him. And then by the end, at the shooting range, she shows up again just to show up Duffy. Now that’s the guns blazing Jane we know and love.


Was it just me, or was this case kind of boring? Perhaps it’s just that I didn’t get too emotionally invested in a bunch of guys who got killed by their so-called hooker. Or perhaps the pacing was slowed down by all the backstories about indiscretion. But either way, it didn’t seem to have the crackle of the last few cases. Though the lie detector trick was pretty clever. And anytime Jane gets to look over her black-rimmed glasses at a suspect, it’s a good day.

So, what did you think? Was this case a little meh for you, too? Did you like them delving into Jane’s past indiscretions? Or just when she handled the gun? Discuss.