“America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars” recap: Lip synch for your life


The following day at panel, Tyra seems to want to booty tooch all up on that Game piece.

Dominique’s video turned out pretty well even if she looked kind of like a fantastic Sheryl Crow drag queen.

Laura’s video was up next and unsurprisingly, Nigel loved it. Is anyone else a little concerned by the cutesy, girlishness combined with sexiness they’re doing with Laura all the time?

Angelea’s turn comes and you can tell how badly it’s about to go down by how fake Tyra’s “Hello” was. It was pretty bad overall.

Damn it I kind of hate myself for this but Alexandria’s song is actually one of my favorites. She’s got a little super electro-poppy Zooey D. voice going on.

Shannon does her best boring Faith Hill impersonation but at least her face looked pretty. Lisa’s video was good and she had a lot of energy, but there was nothing all that new or a real wow factor to me. The Game loved it and Tyra thought it was good enough to be on the radio.

They obviously saved the best for last: Allison’s video played and was unlike anything they’ve seen before. Nigel basically was in tears. The Game might be my favorite guest judge of all time because he is as real as it comes. He told Lisa to “Get out of here and go be Lady Gaga or somethin,” and then told Allison how weird she is. But he said it works so well for her.

Tyra said there’s something about it that penetrates her soul. I’ll let you insert your own penetration joke here. Meanwhile, The Game totally loves Allison and wants her to be his Boo and I’m pretty sure Tyra is getting a little jealous.

The winner of the night’s challenge is Allison followed by Lisa. No shocker there. The bottom two are Angelea and Alexandria. Shannon somehow managed to make it through yet again!

Angelea ends up staying in the competition and Alexandria is sent packing. I think if anything she should consider herself a winner in that I’m pretty sure she changed her former haters’ perception of her. There you have it folks, the silver lining. What did you all think? And what is the all-time worst reality star song you can think of?

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