“Glee” Episode 304 Recap: “Lord Tubbington Thinks You’re Purrfect, and So Do I.”



hesitates. “I really don’t want to be known as a quitter. Doesn’t my


campaign need continuity?”

Campaign manager Santana seems to think that’s reasonable. Clearly she did not

manage Sarah Palin’s political career.

“Can I think about it for like a day?” Brittany asks.

Santana seems upset, and a little surprised, but says, of course. “But in

the meantime, I do have one more wish. I wish you’d hold my hand.”

So they hold hands. Although Santana does cover their hands with a napkin. Oh,


I saw a lot of negative reaction to this on Twitter, and

references to promises from the show’s producers that the Brittana fandom would

get what we’d been waiting for in this episode.

Unlike a lot of other fans, I wasn’t disappointed and I

wasn’t surprised. I loved it. What we got was an explicit acknowledgement that

the two girls are a couple, even if Santana is still freaked out about being

too open. That’s something we kept saying we wanted, remember?

And it’s not like we didn’t see last season that these two

are already having sex together, and get told in tonight’s episode that they

were having sex now, too. (Well, if by “sex” you mean

“bath,” which I as a Xena/Gabrielle shipper from way back have come

to understand as code for lesbian sex on television. At least in this episode;

have we forgotten last season’s scissoring?)

So if they’re already having sex, then were we really waiting to see more

kissing? Don’t get me wrong, I want to see the sweet lady kisses, but for the

moment knowing they’re happening is enough. What I wanted was an explicit

statement that they were a couple. So you know, I was happy. I squeed. I helped

break Twitter.

Anyway, back on the show… Puck is cleaning a pool with his

new assistant and rhapsodizing about cougars. However, the next one who hits on

him gets treated to cell phone photos of his daughter, and that’s not the hot

pool boy encounter said cougar had in mind.

Later, Quinn and Puck are together at school, and we see a

side of Quinn that’s really very scary – not in a funny way, like her

pink-haired skank days, but total breakdown scary.

One of the best scenes with Quinn ever, in my opinion, was

when she told Rachel why she should just stay away from Finn and let Quinn have

him, because Rachel was going to be a star but Quinn was going to stay in Lima, marry Finn, and

become a real estate agent. That was when I realized that Quinn didn’t have any

belief in herself at all, not in her beauty, her talent, or her value as a

human being.

It was sad. It really was. But it wasn’t terrifying like

tonight’s admission that she believed getting Beth back was the only worthwhile

thing she’d ever do in her life. She calls Beth her “one perfect

thing,” also scary. Babies are not “things.” Quinn is pegging

her entire future, her whole identity, on Beth. It’s delusional. It’s so messed

up. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s so troubling it’s almost like my compassion is

being overwhelmed by my desire to get her admitted to a residential care

facility yesterday.

In the choir room, we get the good news about Kurt’s dad

saving the musical, and Blaine

gets up and sings while Finn gives him the evil eye. Why, Finn, why don’t you

like Blaine? (I actually know; Santana’s right that he’s

jealous. I’m not really asking, just deploring.)

So Blaine rocks out to Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night

(T.G.I.F.),” while Santana glares at him and drags Brittany away from his clutches. So cute.

She then sits down in the back row and watches everyone else, even Finn, sing

and dance along, “No me gusta” written all over her face.

Blaine and Kurt dance, and it would be super cute if Blaine didn’t look like a

total idiot in his tight clothes, short pants, and stupid hat.

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