Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.05): The good ship Celicia


The Good Wife was in great form this episode, weaving a lot of stories into a coherent, compelling whole with Alicia in the middle. The best part of this show is how the writing keeps us engaged in the plot but leaves us with a better understanding of its characters. Even if we don’t especially like what we learn about them.


We have a new ship in The Good Wife harbor: Celicia. Celeste and Alicia are working together and find they actually like each other. Here’s the scene that launches the ship.



And all the lesbians said, “Amen.” Later, when the two are doing tequila shots, Celeste tells Alicia that she doesn’t like women — because they compete with her. Then she says she doesn’t like Alicia being with Will and intends to break them up. I know we’re supposed to think Celeste wants Will, but nobody’s buying that.


A plane crash case requires the testimony of TGW’s resident Hannibal Lector, Colin Sweeny (Dylan Baker), who has a creepy crush on Alicia. It makes us feel a little nauseated, but is somehow charming at the same time.

The sweetest moment comes courtesy of Kalinda. No, we don’t get any heat, but she refuses a potentially lucrative offer to help Eli with Peter’s campaign. The reason has to be loyalty to Alicia, right?

Aw, I hope those two kids get back together.


Lisa Edelstein‘s Celeste is much more enjoyable this week — and not just because she shamelessly flirts with Alicia. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Celeste’s bitchiness is funnier this week, like when she says to Alicia, “Let’s get drinks and trade whore stories.” Alicia: “Horror?” Celeste: “Yeah, what I said.” I hope Celeste becomes a recurring character.

Eli wants to kick Peter’s unofficial campaign for governor into high gear by getting him the spot as keynote speaker at the Democratic convention. It’s always fun to see Eli suck up — and he went for a big gun this week.

Seeing Donna Brazile appear as herself was a treat. I love when life imitates TV.


Alicia gets an unwelcome taste of the politics of Lockhart Gardner when she’s tasked with hiring a first-year associate. One of the finalists is partner David Lee’s niece Caitlin (Anna Camp) and the firm’s hiring committee votes to hire her before Alicia even makes a decision. When Alicia confronts Will, he admits he voted to hire Caitlin because David voted with Will to hire Alicia, who was not the best candidate on paper. Alicia leaves feeling both used and humiliated — a lot like she felt with Peter. Nothing ruins a good affair faster than reality.

What did you think of this week’s The Good Wife? Is Alicia about to dump Will? Are you aboard the good ship Celicia?

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