“The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.04): No, no, Celeste


I’m not sure what’s up with The Good Wife, but this episode felt off. It lacked tension, for one thing, and the storylines all seemed to be wrapped up in neat little packages long before the end of the hour. Even the Will/Alicia tension seemed muted. I know my expectations are very high for this show, but I hope this is just a fluke.


All the hotness that was Celeste Serrano left us stone cold this week as we learn just how bitchy and desperate she is. Apparently, crazy-ass exes aren’t limited to the lesbian world. The little scene in which she maneuvers Will and Peter into what had to be the world’s most uncomfortable conversation made me wish Celeste would leave my TV screen immediately. And a woman who looks like that has to be pretty despicable for me to not want to even see her. The only redeeming factor was her delivery of the line, “I like boys and girls.” We all knew she wasn’t talking about Peter’s kids.

Kalinda stayed hot, but without a ladylove, we have only our imaginations to keep the temperature rising. Fortunately, her boots and leather jacket are very inspiring. And lest we have any lingering doubts as to Ms. Sharmin’s sexual orientation, this thumb shot should settle the matter once and for all.


Tumblr is all atwitter about whether Alicia was being honest last episode when she told Owen that she doesn’t love Will. This week, Will says the three little words, perhaps unintentionally, with nothing but silence in response. Later, when he tries to talk about his feelings, Alicia refuses. Wait – Will wants to process? If he turns out to be a lesbian, this whole show is going to get a lot more interesting.

Mr. No Emotion wasn’t the only one to show us some surprising feelings this episode. Diane, responding to the firm’s need to increase billing, decides to end the firm’s volunteer work with Legal Aid. After a visit, however, in which she learns that the organization lost its funding, she gives the group office space at Lockhart Gardner. Ms. Lockhart’s heart isn’t locked after all.


Our favorite flamer Harvey Fierstein appeared as Judge Francis Flamm and was woefully underused. Harvey is cute and charming and oh-so gay, no matter what role he plays, but I hope this isn’t a one-shot. I want more.

A beautiful stranger in the room with Alicia and Cary as the robbery witness views the suspect lineup turns out to be a Justice Department attorney sent to make sure that the State’s Attorney’s Office has no racial bias in plea bargaining. Imani Stonehouse (Nicole Beharie) already is infinitely more interesting than Cary, not to mention nicer to look at.

I move for a dismissal of the latter and admission of the former. Any objections? None from Kalinda, I’m sure.


Eli doesn’t like to share. And since he is responsible for most of the firm’s billings at the moment, he wants Kalinda and Alicia to work on his cases full-time. Diane and Will say no, of course, but if the two former BFFs are forced to work closely together on cases, perhaps they can at least be Fs. I miss Kalicia.

Celeste shows her cards as a shrew this week, but we also learn that she and her colleagues from her previous law firm are forming a new firm with big clients already on board. From the previews, we know that she and Alicia will work together on a case in an upcoming episode, which should be entertaining. Girl fight, anyone?

What are your thoughts on this episode of The Good Wife? Do we love to hate Celeste or just plain hate her? Could Imani be a worthy successor to Sophia (Kelli Giddish)? Who else spotted Lutz?

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