“America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars” recap: Some girls are more “Bad” while others are ready to “Beat It”


The following day, the models go to their photo shoot at Siren Studios. For this challenge, they actually do a really cool shoot based on Michael Jackson’s looks through the years.

Laura gets to wear a costume that Michael actually wore before, which is awesome. The rest of the girls get their weaves put on and out of nowhere, Latoya Jackson walks in.

Bianca does a great job. Bre made me feel like she was Michael Jackson. Alexandria scared me a little because she looked kind of like my mom when she dressed up like Prince and competed on the short-lived competition show, Puttin on the Hits (true story).

Dominique did great and looked like a drag queen being made to look like a drag king. Allison looked like a flower child who walked into the Fat Albert cartoon from out of nowhere.

Laura brought her own moves to the shoot. Lisa did a lot of dancing. I think she may have broken her pelvis doing the splits. When she finished up, she went to give a high five to the girls sitting in row and got denied by Bianca. Shannon shouted, “Rejected!” and Bianca kept coming back to complaining about Shannon (saying she’s Christian). I mean, has she met other Christians? They’re just as much of Judge Judys, bitches and caller-outers as everyone else. I don’t understand why this is getting her panties in a bunch.

Now Shannon and Bianca are both crying, and I want both of them gone. Get off of my television because you have the bodies of models, the personalities of school children and if you’re not going to zing each other like entertaining bitches do, take some Midol and go away.

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