“The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.03): The precious love of cheeses


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lisa Edelstein for not returning to House and to CBS Sunday football for making me watch the end of the Amazing Race the past three weeks to reaffirm my good judgment in not watching it. (Those two blondes are cute, though.) I would also like to warn Cary to quit hurting Kalinda’s feelings. You are close to bringing the wrath of a thousand lesbians down upon your still-Loganish head.


Hi, Cuddy! Hi! Hi!

Hot Lisa Edelstein is hot. And that power suit she’s wearing as Celeste Serrano looks like it’s right out of Bette Porter’s closet. (As if Bette has a closet.) What was missing was Alicia/Celeste subtext. Those two ladies have some hot stares going on; if only they would direct them at each other instead of Will. Maybe Celeste will suggest a three-way and forget to tell him.

Otherwise, the only Sapphic bait was Kalinda swaggering down the hall in this dress.


Rage! Jealousy! Cheese! This episode had it all. Celeste is pining for Will and is not beneath manipulating him back into her hotel room. On the one hand, we’re pissed off for Alicia’s sake, but on the other we’re relieved that Edelstein gets to flirt with someone more worthy of her than grumpy old drug addict Dr. House.

The secondary case this week evoked much more personal feelings from me, because the culprit was cheese. Cheese made little kids sick! Cheese is tainted! Pull all the cheese from the shelves! You know, I watch a lot of scary shows, but nothing terrifies me quite as much as the thought of a world without cheeses.


Owen, Alicia’s Big Gay Brother, finally reappeared this episode to stay with the kids while Alicia had to work all weekend. I like Dallas Roberts so much better as Owen than as Mangus. Especially when he calls his sister “the most prudish wanton woman I know.”

Apparently, Owen has recovered from his breakup — he’s trying to get lucky with a cute man, Finn, who wants to practice Tantric Sex and “eschew frictional orgasm for a higher form of ecstasy.” I think I agree with Owen on this one.


The stars look slightly misaligned for Willicia shippers. Celeste is sticking around for at least a few more episodes and she asks Will for a job. I think I’d rather see her working for Peter, since it has more fireworks potential. In any case, her being around may cause a little non-orgasmic friction between Will and Alicia.

Whether the friction rubs Alicia the wrong way for good remains to be seen. But we got something of a surprise ending when Owen asks her about Will: “It’s not love, is it?” “No.”

What do you think? Is Alicia just fooling around or just fooling herself? Weigh in on this episode of The Good Wife.

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