Major “Glee” spoilers: What is in store for Brittany and Santana?


WARNING: Major Glee spoilers. Big ones. Huge.

Brittana is on. Like really on, like Donkey Kong. The latest Glee report from E! News spoiler maven Kristin Dos Santos is that Brittany and Santana are “officially a couple as of episode four.”

I will pause now for squealing, flailing and general passing out from all the loyal passengers on the S.S. Brittana.

According to E!, the episode (which airs next week should air Nov. 1, depending on how the baseball playoffs go or X-Factor or whatever else crappy thing is interrupting our Brittana being on) will feature Finn getting involved when Santana tries to hide her relationship with Brittany. He apparently “calls her out on her hypocrisy and forces her to deal with it.” I hope that’s more private, personal support than public, patronizing outing on his part. But, hey, as long as the end result is Brittana is on, I will take it. The Brittana storyline is reported to take place over episodes four and six.

No, naturally, the news of everyone’s favorite teenage Lebanese and bi-corn couple going public will bring about sheer, unadulterated joy among the masses. Free slushees for everyone! And to drink, not to wear. So now the only question remains, how will Santana and Brittany make their love public? Time to get into our big Dream Scenario Machine (kind of like the Tardis, but less blue and British). Here are four ultimate fantasy scenarios. OK, not “ultimate” – this is an all-ages site. Ahem.

1) Screwing up all her courage, Santana grabs Brittany’s hand in the cafeteria, steps on a table and finally sings “Come to My Window” to her lady, fulfilling a request made ages and closets ago in a quiet bedroom with just the two of them. Continuity is a beautiful thing.

2) As Brittany hangs campaign posters, Santana walks up to her wearing her “LEBANESE” T-shirt and hands her a “BI-CORN” T-shirt. And then they walk down the hallway together, pinkies intertwined, proud as can be.

3) Brittany is showing the Booty Camp members some dance moves, and Santana is there because Brittany is there. And then, during a break, “At Last” comes up on shuffle and Brittany takes Santana’s hand and they start to sing and slow dance, together. What? I can’t help it I’m a secret romantic.

4) While at their lockers, Santana and Brittany look at each other and in that split second just know. It was on, it was always on. Then in front of McKinley High and the universe, share their first public sweet lady kiss. Now that would truly be a worthy addition to the Brittana Locker Chronicles.

Excuse me while I go swoon, possibly forever. So, what’s your dream coming out as a couple scenario for Brittana? Also, please DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN YOUR SUBJECT LINES. We need to be courteous to those who wish to remain unspoiled, crazy as they are. Also, DO NOT LEAVE SUBJECT LINES BLANK, as the the first few lines will become the subject line and possibly become spoilers. Thank you. Now, get your sweet lady coming out parties on!

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