“All My Children” lesbian recap: Really, Mom?


Agnes Nixon and company made a very wise decision for this last week of AMC: Minx is back. After this many years of dealing with Binx fans, she probably knew we were about ready to burn a labrys in her yard.

But our favorite couple finally emerged from the bedroom and is with the rest of the family. And yes, Marissa and AJ are part of the Kane clan now. And, as @PrattFalls said, Marissa is so excited she forgot to put on her pants.


Bianca seems very happy about the no-pants policy. Methinks her hand has traveled that route before.

Big sis Kendall is in a bit of a snit, though, that has nothing to do with Rissa’s soft and creamy thighs. Erica is home from Hollywood with news that she sold the film rights to her latest memoir (Hi, J. Peterman!), which apparently was written while Jane had her in captivity. The book contains all the sordid details of the Kane women — and Kendall is indignant. She wants Binx to be indignant, too. Bianca, however, is her usual diplomatic self.


I heart Kinx. That is all. (If you’re a Kinx lover, be sure to watch the whole episode at Hulu.)

Kendall sends everyone on errands to get ready for a BBQ. But the reason to watch the very short scene has nothing do to with the main action. Check out Minx in the background.


Those are the details that make the relationship so dear to us. And I doubt that they are scripted, which is why we love CBL and SG as much as we love their characters.

Meanwhile, Erica recalls her most important moment with Bianca. It happens to be one of our most important moments, too.


Just awesome. That’s the story of lesbian television history right there.

Bianca and Marissa naturally go to Krystal’s to pick up chili. Krystal’s: Where Minx happens.


I just realized that Bianca has Veronica Lake hair and an Indian maiden blouse. I don’t know what to do with that image in my head. I think I’ll just watch Minx rub noses again. Now I have Eskimos in my head. Eskimo Pie, anyone? (This is the brain of a television recapper. Warn your children.)

Hanging out at Krystal’s so often makes finding them far too easy. They really need to move into their house.


“Restraining order” must be completely different in Pennsylvania. JR is around more than he ever was when he and Marissa were married.


Why don’t they call the police every time they see his face? Bianca is right to be scared — every encounter gets more and more threatening. This will not end well.


Nice Sarah Michelle Gellar reference. These family scenes are so great for fans — if only JR would stop creeping up the place.

No such luck. This time, though, Mama Bear is on the scene.


As threatening as this scene is, it’s also wonderful in the fact that to Erica, AJ and Marissa are part of her family — and she’s not letting anyone mess with them.

The family montage reinforces this: Marissa and Bianca are right there. (Kleenex alert.)


Sure, we want more. But I’ll give them credit, since Minx is a new relationship. In my mind, putting Marissa in the family portrait means she’s there to stay.

To watch the full episode, visit Hulu or abc.com. And you can find Minx clips on YouTube.

Just a few more days to go. What do you think? Are you happy with the way AMC is winding down? Are you as nervous as I am about the ending?

As always, please add a spoiler alert for events after this recap.

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