“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.03): To sleep, perchance to dream of Hotpants


Meaningful looks. Gentle touches. Tina Fey puns. This episode almost makes up for the lack of Doccubus action in the first two episodes – almost. But first, we have a little spring cleaning to attend to in the Casa Bonzi. Bo is serious about washing that wolf right out of her apartment. Kenzi finds herself a house Fae to help. And Lauren, well, she’s just yummy. Brew yourself a big pot of coffee, you’ll want to stay awake for this one. No, really, don’t fall asleep because that crazy-ass dream sucker will go all reverse cowgirl on you – and not in a good way.

AFTERELLEN BAIT (What enticement did the episode use to reel in gay lady viewers?)

I want to find whoever keeps getting these super low-cut tank tops for Anna Silk to wear and kiss her (or even him) on the lips. I mean it. Also I’d like to give a long, meaningful hug to the director who keeps yelling, “Can you lean a little forward just a little bit please, Anna?” Though not only did Bo and the girls look great, Lauren got to show up in a tightly fitted button-up with just enough forearm exposed to get our attention. And that pretty blonde hair. And those soft brown eyes. They don’t even need the bait, they already have me hook, line and sinker.

FEELINGS, FEELINGS, FEELINGS! (Did the episode give you a lot of feelings?)

Feelings, otherwise known as porn for lesbians, were flying everywhere this episode. Bo is trying to move on from her wolfie love with Dyson by re-familiarizing herself with the distinct charms of one Dr. Lauren Lewis. But is she interested because she loves Lauren or is she interested because, as Kenzi put it, “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”? Bo, honey, listen carefully – Lauren is no rebound girl. Lauren is The Girl.

But all those angsty “don’t use Lauren” feelings are soon assuaged when the two start to interact. The hopeful look in Bo’s eyes when she asks her, in somewhat veiled language, “So, aren’t you, you know, free?” was more than just about a supercharged booty call. And then the supercharged protectiveness Bo displayed when Lauren is claimed by the new Ash? My heart, it will not be still. As these two inch closer and closer to something real, I feel a rush of excitement and tinge of anxiety. Don’t go breaking my heart, Lost Girl.

DOCCUBUS ACTION (Exactly how hot were those pants this week?)

While investigating the sudden brain mushitization (what, I can make up words if they can make up monsters) of a whole apartment building of tenants, Bo calls in Lauren for her scientific expertise. Bo calls Lauren “yummy — when she’s being strictly professional.” Which is true. Lauren calls Bo “more powerful and unique than anyone has ever given you credit for.” Which is true. Also, we finally get to see Lauren’s apartment. Which is pretty cool.

Lingering, meaningful glances and touches are exchanged. And then Lauren pulls a Tara Maclay and tells Bo and, with an over-the-shoulder look, how she really feels.

Bo: Well, thank you – for helping.

Lauren: Always.

Now kiss. They didn’t kiss, but they did have so much eye sex this episode I wouldn’t be surprised if in nine months an adorable half-human, half-succubus bundle of joy emerged with glowing blue eyes and insatiable scientific curiosity.

When the new Ash comes to pick up his “chattel,” Bo’s springs to her defense with a defiant, “Lauren is no one’s property.” It’s a total lesbothrob moment; you can practically hear the gay lady swooning and pants dropping around the globe.

ACTION ACTION (So what the Fae actually happened, and did Bo kick its ass?)

Gee, thanks for helping with my insomnia problem. Now I have to worry about crazy, pregnant Mares (as in Nightmares), invading my dreams and sucking out my brains. But even a sleep terrorizer and her sleep-inducing boyfriend aren’t as potentially problematic as this new Ash. Will this arrogant stickler for tradition keep Bo and Lauren apart? Does he have kind of a thing for Bo? Though, on the plus side Bo’s inability to show him proper respect, or a proper curtsy, is a continuing source of amusement.

But the outward action was really second fiddle to the internal action Bo had going on in her dreams. First Dyson rips out her heart (the symbolism, it’s a little unclear). Then she makes out with her old, lonely self (I couldn’t decide if it was hot or just weird). Finally she stabs Dyson and kills off their relationship (please, let this not be just a dream). You have to give that woman credit, when she moves on she moves on with flourish.

BOOBS O’CLOCK O’ THE WEEK (Because you can’t spell “Boobs” without “Bo.”)

So, are you anxious or excited or both about how Bo and Lauren’s relationship is progressing? Do you think Dyson is really out of the picture? Is there somewhere I can get my very own house Brownie to cook and clean? Pretty please? Discuss.

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