“Hand aufs Herz”‘s Lucy Scherer returns to her thespian roots


Well, well, well, it looks like Lucy Scherer has gotten herself stuck in a lesbian feedback loop! First, she played Glinda in Gemany’s musical adaptation of Wicked. (Glinda and Elphaba forever!) Then, she played raging homosexual Jenny Hartmann on our beloved Hand aufs Herz. And now news has hit the internet that she’s headed back to the stage to play the nameless heroine in the musical adaptation of Daphne du Maurier‘s Rebecca.

What’s so lesbian about Rebecca, you say?

Oh, girl, I say.

Daphne du Maurier was so very gay. She was married for her whole life. She never even hinted at leaving her husband. But that didn’t stop her from having many, many affairs with the ladies. Why, her family even had a code word for lesbian — “Venetian” — that they used to describe her queer proclivities. She fell hard for Ellen Doubleday, the wife of her American book publisher, but Ellen didn’t reciprocate her affection, so Daphne wrote a play about her called September Tide. She then went on to have a consuming, passionate affair with Gertrude Lawrence, who played the Ellen Doubleday character in the show.

I mean, is that the gayest thing you’ve ever heard in your life, or what?

Anyhoodle, so Lucy is returning to her thespian roots. She’s even playing opposite Thomas Borchert, whom she starred alongside in Dance of the Vampires.

Thanks to AfterEllen.com reader Amidola, we’ve got a translation of an interview Lucy did at the Rebecca press call.

About returning to the stage, Lucy says:

I’m already looking forward to seeing the faces I already know, the people that have already been a lot in our performances, and that I have talked to before. And I’m hoping for them to return, and for others, too, of course! I have played my greatest roles in Stuttgart up until now, and I am very happy to be back here.

This news actually makes me feel relieved about Hand aufs Herz. There were always rumors that Lucy was going to return to the stage, and that could have sent Jenny and Emma’s story in a million different directions. But the show’s cancellation provided the perfect opportunity for the writers to give us a happy Jemma ending in concentrated amount of time. Further proof that Jemma was destiny? I think so.

Rebecca the musical hasn’t made it outside of Europe yet, but I believe it’s slated to hit Broadway in early 2012. Maybe Lucy will make the trip across the pond!

What do you think of Lucy Scherer returning to her musical roots? Does it make you feel any better about HaH to know that Lucy was probably headed back to the theater anyway?