Emmy Awards have some pleasant surprises and lesbian moments


Any award show that kicks off with Jane Lynch hitting on Peggy Olson is pretty OK in my book. In fact, despite its usual suspects of some all-too-predictable winners, the 63rd annual Emmy Awards managed to pack in a few very big and very deserving surprises. Sure, some folks probably aren’t exactly Glee-ful about the results, but you can’t argue too much when clear eyes and full hearts actually win.

The evening opened with Lynch singing and dancing her way through an elaborate pre-taped musical number. While she waltzed her way through TV’s wonderland, she stopped at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to tell the Mad Men and women that a lot has changed since 1965. “In fact, women can marry other women. Hey, Peggy.”

The opening bit also had Leonard Nimoy tell Lynch she was perfect for the hosting gig because “to men, you’re womanish. To women, you’re mannish.” Lynch, who attended with her lovely wife Lara Embry, did an admirable and charming turn as the night’s host, even if the writing wasn’t always up to her talents. She gamely fielded insults about her “man’s haircut” from the Mad Men crew. (“This haircut cost more than your house.”)

The night’s first few awards settled the “Which Modern Family family is the best?” debate. Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell beat out their co-stars to take home best comedy supporting actress and actor, respectively (all the Modern Family cast submitted in supporting – in case you were wondering). I thought the Delgado-Pritchett’s were the funnier than the Dunphy’s last season, but that’s just me.

After taking home the night’s four first awards, Lynch welcomed everyone back to the “Modern Family Awards.” I’m glad all the Glee kids are over 21, because it was probably a long night at the bar for them. Speaking of bars, for some inexplicable reason Charlie Sheen was on stage as part of his “Please Hire Me Again, Hollywood” tour. He handed The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons his second consecutive Emmy for best comedy actor. I had hoped Steve Carell would finally triumph in his last chance in seven seasons to take home the trophy. Oh, Steve, we all know in our hearts you own “That’s what she said.”

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