“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.01-2.02) : The story so far


Welcome back, Succubies (Can we make that happen? Should we make that happen? Let’s discuss it later). Televisions best – fine, only – series about a bisexual succubus is back for its second season. To catch up on the first two episodes, please enjoy this very special “Story So Far” SnapCap. Then, expect fresh and feisty new Lost Girl SnapCaps every Tuesday.

To get newcomers up to speed on the series, here’s a quick Lost Girl 101 Primer. Bo was raised by a human family only to discover she had a bad habit of waking up next to dead lovers. Fast forward to present day when she stumbles into the secret world of the Fae, a supernatural species that feeds on humans in one way or another. They’re split into Light and Dark and want Bo to choose. She’d rather go it alone with her smartass human sidekick Kenzi. She is also split between her two lovers: wolf shifter and cop Dyson and Light Fae doctor and human Lauren.

Bo and company are cleaning up the mess left at the end of last season by the return of her long-absent and totally homicidal mama, Aife. She killed many of the Light Fae elders and left their leader, the Ash, on life support. Wolfman has run off to lick his wounds, after he traded his love for Bo to give her his strength in her battle against mommy dearest. Lauren is running on caffeine and isotopes trying to keep her boss the Ash alive. And Kenzi is still being the Kenziest Kenzi ever. Bless that tiny, tiny little human.

AFTERELLEN BAIT (What enticement did the episode use to reel in gay lady viewers?)

You can always count on Bo to give us a glimpse of the girls. In fact, I’m pretty sure besides her succubus chi-draining skills, her second strongest superpower is cleavage. Also, someone needs to send the Lost Girl costumer department a muffin basket for the copious low-cut tank tops and assorted tight leather ensembles they’ve put Bo in so far this season. Keep it up – or low, as the case may be.

FEELINGS, FEELINGS, FEELINGS! (Did the episode give you a lot of feelings?)

Bo spends the better part of the first two episodes pining over Dyson. Look, honey, if there’s a clearer case of “It’s not you, it’s me,” I’ve never seen it. He can’t love you anymore. Sacrifice blah blah blah. Very heroic, good for him. Now give your love to someone who can love you back. Hm, there has to be someone around who fits that description. Who could it be, who could it be? For some reason I keep seeing a pair of Hotpants.

DOCCUBUS ACTION (Exactly how hot were those pants this week?)

Speaking of Lauren, we’ve had precious few moments between the good doctor and Bo. Sure, all of our hearts did a little summersault when Lauren told Bo in the season premiere, “I heard you needed me; I came.” But since then it’s just been stolen glances over work files and the occasional force-feeding to stave off impending exhaustion comas. Though Bo did tell Dr. Hotpants in the second episode, “I guess science kicks the crap out of tradition, huh?” That’s right, respect your little scientist. Also, how cute was Lauren going all Dr. Maura Isles on the possibility of finding digestive secretions. “Neat!”

ACTION ACTION  (So what the Fae actually happened, and did Bo kick its ass?)

Bo really has a hang of this face-sucking thing now. No more really happy (and really final) endings for her emergency take-out anymore. Also, Bo dancing getting her succu-sexy on with those three girls at the rave? Yes, please, may I have another. But down to real business, first Bo saved the Light Fae’s bond with the land (it’s a whole magical boinking thing that’s a little too weird to get into) by kicking some supernatural Carnie butt.  Then helped save the sacrificial stag during the hunt to find a new Ash with cunning alone. I have a feeling this new Ash is going to be big trouble for Bo – and for Lauren. Though, on the plus side maybe their shared hatred of him will the the bond that finally turns Lauren into “The Lover” as the posters promise.

BOOBS O’CLOCK O’ THE WEEK (Because you can’t spell “Boobs” without “Bo.”)

So there hasn’t been too much for us Doccubus fans to cheer about just yet. Watching a lovesick Bo each week isn’t my idea of a Fae old time. But I feel confident that things will heat up in the Hotpants department. And let’s just hope the creepy little girl foretelling very bad things for Bo isn’t too accurate. Well, how do you like the second season so far? I know, I know. Not enough Hotpants.

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