Out actress Sarah Paulson to guest star on “American Horror Story”


Out actress Sarah Paulson has landed a guest-starring role on the new much-buzzed about new series American Horror Story. The haunted house (and them some) show from the creators of Glee debuts Oct. 5.

According to TVLine.com, Paulson will appear as a medium named Billie Dean in a four-episode arc. The show revolves around the Harmon family (played by Friday Night LightsConnie Britton, The Practice’s Dylan McDermott and newcomer Taissa Farmiga), who move into a new Los Angeles home with – shall we say – issues. Paulson’s Dean is brought in to talk with the spirits in the house.

TVLine.com reports that most of her scenes will be opposite Jessica Lange, who plays a nosy neighbor of the Harmon’s who used to have movie star aspirations but now cares for her adult daughter with Down’s Syndrome. Paulson and Lang previously starred together on Broadway in The Glass Menagerie.

It’ll be nice to see Paulson back on the small screen. Since her short-lived series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Cupid ended, she has popped up in small roles on a number of shows from Desperate Housewives to Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit. But TV has yet to truly take advantage of her multi-faceted abilities. Like, will she get to make dolphin noises on American Horror Story? We can only hope.

The show, which also stars Six Feet Under matriarch Frances Conroy, comes from the minds of Glee co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. While we all knew the duo was great at torturing us about Brittana, we never knew they were into what seems to be a different kind of torture entirely. Like, um, is that a gimp suit in the promo poster?

And the new previews pack in the weird and freaky as well. But, come on, don’t people in horror stories know by now that it’s never a good idea to move into a house with a history of murder-suicide? Has no one watched Amityville Horror?


So, what do you think? Is this the kinky ghost and gimp horror show you’ve been waiting for? Does Paulson’s addition make you more likely to watch?

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