“Hand aufs Herz”‘s Kasia Borek switches soaps


When I woke a couple of days ago to the sound of rain and thunder, I knew I was going to spend the whole day in bed rewatching Hand aufs Herz from the very beginning. By the late afternoon, I was engaged in my very own pizza ballet, mourning the loss of Kasia Borek and Lucy Scherer — but then I heard the news that Kasia has already been scooped up by another SAT1 soap, Anna und die Liebe!

Kasia will be playing the role of Olivia Kosmar. In fact, she already started filming. Her episodes will begin airing on October 21st.

A couple of promotional photos surfaced on Tumblr on Monday, and here’s how I flipped out:

Oh, man! She looks amazing! And she’s playing gay again! And HaH writer Petra Bodenbach has joined Anna‘s writing team! THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY EVER!

Oh my gosh, she’s engaged to that toweled girl? GAY MARRY ME, GERMANY!

But then I found out from Rosalie & Co. — the number one Jemma source on the internet! — that Olivia Kosmar is straight, and the toweled girl just slept with Olivia’s fiance. Booo! Of course, Emma was straight until Jenny came to Cologne, wasn’t she?

You’ll be shocked, I’m sure, to hear that I have repurposed these promotional photos as my own personal Hand aufs Herz head-canon.

Somebody hop on that fanfic!

Seriously, though, it was a no-brainer for Anna to pick up Kasia. I don’t know how soap actress followings work in Germany, but by American standards, Kasia Borek has a soap following unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. We wish her all the best in her new project.

What do you think of Kasia’s new look? And will you be watching her in Anna und die Liebe? (On a side note, how many of you have done your own pizza ballets in the wake of Jemma’s goodbye?)

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