Season 4 of “True Blood” might be the most painful yet


Caution: Spoilers from Season 4!

Before Season 4 of True Blood began, we had a fairly good number of lesbian/bisexual/pansexual female characters on the show. We also knew we’d have more coming, as casting notices went out for a “lesbian cage-fighter.” Everything looked good for our girls.

But after last night’s season finale, it appears we’ve lost all but Naomi (Tara’s cage-fighting ex-girlfriend) and Pam. Queen Sophie-Ann, HBIC Nan Flannagan and Tara all look to be dead, although this is a supernatural show, so one can never be too sure.

Say they are all truly dead: This, accompanied by Jesus’ passing, has taken away a large gay component of the show. It’s hard to tell if the writers are interested in making the show less gay, as the vast majority of sex scenes this season were straight (Sookie and Eric, Jessica and Jason, Andy Belfleur and a fairy, etc.). Although Tara had a sexy scene with Naomi, it was very short and tame in comparison to the heterosexual scenes. Even Lafeyette and Jesus refrained from getting it on this time around.

Naomi was a very small part of the season altogether. True, she lived in New Orleans and was part of Tara’s life away from Bon Temps, but she came to visit, found out about the real Tara and skipped town, never to be seen again. It was almost like Tara’s new life was supposed to be a departure from everything she truly is when she’s at home in Bon Temps, and that includes her sexuality. She didn’t seem too broken up over Naomi’s leaving, instead focusing on getting rid of the vampire population.

And, honestly, Tara was wasted this season after the first few episodes. She stood around the Moon Goddess Emporium waiting for things to happen and it wasn’t the same cage-fighting tough woman we’ve come to know. So when she was shot last night, trying to save Sookie, it was one of the first truly Tara-type actions we’ve seen in a while. Unfortunately, it looks like it was her last.

It seems that weakness was shared by several of the out female characters. Queen Sophie-Ann was killed in an early episode, after being tricked into thinking Sookie would be hers.

Pam survived but was a shell of herself without Eric. She let Sookie affect her, after all this time, and cried tears of blood because of it. Even Ginger the bar maid didn’t know what to do when Pam had a meltdown in the backroom of Fangtasia.

Nan Flangan suddenly announced to Eric and Bill she quit the Authority and the American Vampire League. She wanted to stage an uprising, which could definitely be seen as a strong move, but it also seemed out of touch with what Nan has stood for up until now. She was all about following orders and enforcing them, so her visit to the vampire king of Bon Temps and ultimate true death by his hand were shocking.

It took a few minutes to even process what had happened because suddenly both Bill and Nan were willing to forget everything they’ve come to accept as the power over them. In an instant, Nan was giving up her power and Bill wasn’t concerned about going against the Authority. And he murdered her. I suppose it was because the writers weren’t sure what to do with her anymore. She was beginning to become one-note and, actually, seeing her rebel against the Authority might have been a fresh storyline to continue on into Season 5. Now it looks like we won’t have a chance.

So what does this mean for Season 5? I can only speculate we’ll go back to the time of Season 1, where Sookie, Eric, Bill, Sam, Lafayette and Jason were the major focuses of the show. It’s likely the sexuality will be very straight-focused, unless the reappearance of The King brings more gay male sensuality into the fold. As for our women, we’ve been killed off, one by one.

R.I.P. the gayest show on TV.

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