“All My Children” lesbian recap: This one’s for you, haters.


All My Children has gotten a lot of flack for the Marissa/Bianca story from people on the soap boards lately. I think this episode was written just for them.

Once again, thank you, Agnes Nixon.

I shudder to think how some of the previous scribes would have responded to the haters. Thank the soap goddess we never have to find out.

As much fun as Minx fans have had imagining the contents of the sex tape, it’s caused Marissa genuine anguish.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (do those exist anymore?), I have to say again how natural Sarah and Christina are in playing out the Minx relationship. The way Bianca lit up when Marissa entered the room but immediately noticed something was wrong — it’s so right. (Just because I’m smitten doesn’t mean it’s not true.)

JR, meanwhile, proves again that he’s completely lost his mind. He’s absolutely convinced that AJ is going to show up any minute, thanks to his brilliant sex tape.

I have to say, I kind of love cousin Scott. But when did JR start calling Bianca "Binky"?

Bianca, meanwhile, assures Marissa that she is not alone in facing JR.

Marissa feels guilty for, um, exposing Bianca and risking harassment of the kids, but Binx has been through this kind of thing over and over. Her speech is one of the clearest statements of our right to love that I’ve ever heard. Especially in daytime TV.

You go, Bianca.

One (more) thing I love about the evolution of Bianca is her sense of humor. She’s always been funny, but I think the sarcasm — like the reality-show comment — is something new. Is this something Christina has brought to the table or am I just not remembering? Regardless, the moment is wonderful, as is Marissa’s reaction, "That’s so messed up."

Have I mentioned that I love these two together?

Marissa realizes that she cannot allow JR to bully her.

Oops, JR. Wimpy Marissa didn’t fall for your "finesse" game after all. The only surprise about this scene is that Bianca stayed quiet. I guess she realized that she needed to let Marissa stand up for herself. I hope we get to see a Bianca/ JR confrontation soon.

Whatcha’ gonna’ do now, Junior?

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Share your thoughts on this episode. Do you think JR is ready to listen or does he need some more time alone with his precious sex tape? (Please avoid spoilers for anything beyond this episode.)