“All My Children” lesbian recap: Watch the hands!


With less than a month left for All My Children‘s network run, Minx is kicking into high gear. And so far, the story just keeps getting better.

First, we need to address some chatter in various AMC forums about the Minx sex tape that JR made. Some people seem to think that the latest clip that aired showed Bianca’s hand moving somewhat decisively toward Marissa’s sweet spot. Allow us to make the truth known here once and for all.

Leave it to AfterEllen.com reader LifeOnVenus to make a slo-mo gif of the scene and a screen cap of the crucial frame.

Ah, yes. Bianca totally went there. Or at least was well on her way. Looks like Binx got her very own Vagina Monologue. And I’m sure Marissa gave her an O-vation in appreciation.

This week looks to be loaded with Minx goodness and this episode sets the stage for a final showdown between Marissa and JR. But before we have to see just how far JR is willing to go to get back at Minx, we get a good dose of adorability, starting with another walk in the park.


I’m not sure why, but that scene made me cry like a little baby. Writing about TV means that I’m always into my stories more than is probably healthy, but I’m usually detached enough to stay rational — and remember that the characters are not real people.

Not so with Minx. I feel like Marissa and Bianca are my friends, and seeing them happy makes my heart so full that the love seeps out of my eyes.

I’m glad that Bianca is the one who initiated the conversation about moving in, since Marissa has been taking the lead in moving the relationship forward. Seeing Binx as confident in their future as Marissa is bodes well for their happiness. While she still shows respect for Marissa by not making assumptions, she is not at all afraid to show her commitment.


Did anyone else have to watch this several times in order to pay attention to anything but the beautiful arms and shoulders?

While Marissa and Bianca are googling U-Haul, JR is watching the sex tape — again. For someone so offended at the idea of lesbians, he sure seems to be memorizing the Minx moves. Dixie, though, believes JR’s bulls–t about being a good boy and calls Marissa.


I love Marissa’s facial expressions — total “WTF?” but still wanting AJ to have a loving dad.

Random thought while watching that scene: Who cut Dixie’s hair while she was locked up? It looks the same in the flashbacks as it does now. Does David do hair?

While Marissa checks with AJ, Bianca visits Erica to tell her about Minx. And the love of a good woman has made Binx more confident with her mom, too. She’s not about to let Erica blow her off this time.


“We’ll just hope that apple has fallen far, far away from the trampy tree” is vintage Erica Kane, isn’t it? As is saying life is “not that short” in regards to coexisting with Krystal. While we would love for Erica to be more gracious about Marissa, I have to appreciate the writing. Erica will always be Erica.

AJ still doesn’t want to see his dad, but Marissa decides to tell JR in person.


Junior has no comprehension of what full custody means, does he? He also doesn’t understand mutual respect. But that’s no surprise.


Every time JR opens his mouth, Marissa is more certain that she’s done the right thing by protecting AJ from him. But even she can’t believe how homophobic he is. I suspect she also can’t believe she was ever in love with him.


Time for the big reveal. You are an idiot, JR.


We’ve been waiting for weeks to hear Marissa call JR an SOB — and it was worth every minute. Sarah does some fine acting here, showing hurt and rage and total disgust in one expression. Kudos to SG and JY both — anti-chemistry can be just as amazing as chemistry.

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