“Degrassi: Now or Never” recap: Week 6


Hey there, peeps! Can you believe there’s only one week of Degrassi: Now or Never left? Adam and Fiona have definitely gotten their share of featured storylines over the past six weeks, unlike some characters — coughRileyandZanecough —, as well as a number of supporting roles.

This week brought us Adam and Fiona being there for their friends, as well as a bit more of Katie-related plot.

Adam and Dave’s radio show is going strong, and the two of them are in the recording studio when Alli comes in to invite Dave over for a “special night,” i.e. just them. Since she’s going away to an academic camp for the summer, she’s decided to break the news to new-found boyfriend Dave as delicately as possible.

Adam’s doing all he can to blend into the wall and not burst out laughing as Alli tells Dave to bring dessert. When Alli leaves, Adam informs an oblivious Dave that she clearly means for him to bring a “sex dessert.” According to Adam’s interpretation of the conversation, Dave’s totally getting some tonight.

Since apparently Dave is mortified by the prospect of buying condoms, he sends Adam to, uh, do the dirty for him. Adam arrives at the Dot bearing more protective gear than New York City in a hurricane. “Remind me again why you couldn’t buy your own protection?” he asks Dave. Oh men and their embarrassing purchases… Have you ever tried asking a guy to buy tampons for you? Yeah.

As it turns out, though, Alli didn’t invite Dave over to have sex, and, in her frustration at the pile of condoms that unceremoniously appears on her dining room table, she drops the summer camp bomb on him. Now, somehow, Dave is the one upset, so he storms out.

The next morning, as Adam is hanging out with Jenna and Alli, the two girls lament that all guys want is sex. Horrified, Adam steps in to explain that he’s the one who convinced Dave that Alli’s invitation was about sex.

Feeling guilty, Alli decides to make it up to Dave. Her plan involves winning money off people in poker games using her newfound skill of counting cards. She’ll then use said money to buy back Dave’s love with basketball game tickets and to offset the cost of visiting her over the summer.

The first game she organizes is at school, where Adam keeps watch for the principal. Soon, however, she finds herself in an illegal backroom poker club. The first time she goes, she wins big, but when she goes back with Dave, she almost loses all her money.

Scared for her, Dave calls his father, a police officer, to break up the game. Unfortunately, the whole ordeal ends up breaking his trust in Alli, so she loses Dave, too. Beginner’s luck, huh?

Over to Eli, he’s back on meds, in counseling, and is now trying to apologize to everyone he hurt while he was off his meds. He wants to start with the girl he needs most on his side: Fiona. They are a good pair after all – he has his creepster ways, while she has her sketchy ones.

Taking a leaf from Lauren Zizes book, he sets off to woo back her platonic friendship. He brings her a gift box, in which she finds a trophy for best supporting actress – she may have been the director, but he couldn’t have made it through the play without her filling Imogen’s shoes onstage. He asks if he’s forgiven now, to which she responds, “You’re lucky I like gifts.” And, I’d add, that our Fiona has a heart of gold (sometimes literally, right, Holly J?).

Now that the play’s over, though, Eli needs a new activity to occupy his time. He contemplates rugby for a hot second, but after seeing Jake and Clare bickering, he decides that helping Jake understand her will be his new activity. Fiona says that suddenly rugby doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

She jokes that he should just lock Clare and Jake in a room til they work it out, and Eli – go figure – takes the idea seriously. He ropes Jake into working on a class project with him. The project is to build a full-size sweat lodge – again, go figure – and trap Clare and Jake in it. Well, okay, the project itself doesn’t require trapping them inside it, but Eli’s plan does. Go figure.

Fiona also gets roped into this plan, being tasked with ushering Clare to the sweat lodge where Eli and Jake already are. She then stands guard outside the lodge, refusing to let any of them out until they, uh, sweat out their problems. Eli owes her big for this one.

However, they only have so much time. The teacher is on his way with the class for their demonstration of their project, so Fiona urges Eli to get the other two out of there before the teacher arrives. She peeks in and discovers Clare and Jake “checking out the structure of each other’s tonsils.” Oops.

On the bright side, it seems like Eli is finally beginning to understand that sometimes loving someone means letting them go.

On the Katie-front, Adam was all-but-uninvolved with Drew’s love life this week. Mostly what I got out of this storyline is that Katie is insecure (and potentially likeable?), while Marisol is awful.

Essentially, Katie and Drew like each other, but Marisol used to like Drew, and now she wants him again. This is the same girl who went after K.C. despite his being with Jenna and Jenna having a baby. Perhaps she should try going after a guy who isn’t already involved with someone else for once in her life. The whole home-wrecker look didn’t work for her the first time either.

When she finds out about Katie and Drew, she throws her hat in the race to compete against Katie for student body president. The race turns dirty quickly, with Marisol accusing Katie of being bulimic and Katie accusing Marisol of being a home-wrecker.

Adam and Dave invite Katie back onto their show to give the “smoking hot candidate for student president” the chance to confront the rumors head-on. Adam seems to be pretty chill around Katie, asking coyly but innocently what he’ll get in return for voting for her, but the situation turns awkward when they pull out a 99-cent computer application to detect whether the eating disorder rumor is true. The app “catches” her lying about not being bulimic, at which point they quickly switch the music back on.

Marisol soon realizes that she’s pushed Katie too far and that Katie is not longer interested in being friends with her at all. As such, at the school-wide presidential debate, Marisol takes the mic just as Katie is about to come clean. She tells the audience that she started the rumor because she knew she couldn’t beat Katie without resorting to low blows. Classy.

For reasons I don’t entirely understand, Adam and Dave are the ones who announce the results of the elections, and it turns out it’s Katie — who picks Marisol to be her VP. And who now has to face the fact that Drew isn’t willing to be around her if Marisol is going to be.

Mostly, though, I love how this storyline leads to Drew admitting he doesn’t know what the word facetious means. The awkward-stupid look is kind of endearing on him. Though, to be fair, that’s not exactly the most common word tossed around in high school hallways.

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