“Lost Girl” showcases the Lauren and Bo relationship for Season 2


Are you excited for next week’s return of Lost Girl yet? What if I told you the show about a bisexual succubus was playing up her relationship with the beautiful, tragic doctor Lauren in its new marketing? Yeah, now you’re interested.

The Canadian series about a bisexual succubus named Bo and her struggle to find her place in the often treacherous world of the supernatural fae returns to Showcase Sept. 4. To get ready for the second season, the network has started marketing blitz that includes subway posters in Toronto featuring our favorite fae and friends. The poster for Lauren, a.k.a. Dr. Hotpants, was particularly interesting when contrasted with the poster for Bo’s other love interest, Dyson.

Photos courtesy anon4ever

Looks like someone is totally on Team Lauren. Through the show’s debut season Bo (Anna Silk) had a bit of a love triangle going between her wolf-shifter bootycall partner Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer). While the Bo-Dyson relationship and hookups got considerably more screen time, the Bo-Lauren fans have been loyal and vocal.

Does this mean the Bo-Lauren relationship will start to take center stage in season 2? The marketers could have easily labeled Dyson “The Lover,” too. But they didn’t. So, you know, interesting.

Also interesting – in a good, creepy way – is the teaser promo for the new season. Not much plot reveal, but lots of atmospherics – and I don’t just mean the show’s generous highlighting of Ms. Silk’s cleavage.

Slightly more revealing are the first few episode stills from the new season, originally posted by The Televixen. Looks like circus folk and a hot red dress are in Bo’s future. I like it.

The Televixen also has non-spoilery summaries for the first two episodes of the season. And Spoiler TV has official character bios for the season posts. The bio for Lauren tells us a little more about what to expect this season:

Lauren’s childhood was very different than Bo’s, growing up in an upper middle class household, and she is much more cultured and graceful than the less refined Bo. Lauren is in The Ash’s service working as a scientist, and studies life forms, like Bo, that many humans will never know even exist. Lauren offers her medical knowledge to Bo to help control her hungers and protect her from the Fae punishments. Although their relationship began as a result of Lauren’s hidden motives, Bo has come to rely on Lauren – and Lauren on Bo. When the new Ash’s ways pose serious threats to Lauren’s well-being, Bo is the first to step up and defend Lauren’s honour. But Lauren has more secrets that, when revealed to Bo, will threaten to undermine the solid foundation they have been working together to build.

Man, I cannot wait to see Bo defend Lauren’s honor – hopefully followed shortly after by her defiling Lauren’s honor in a good, naughty way. What? We can dream. It’s also nice to get more of Lauren’s backstory. Maybe we’ll find out how she became indentured to the Light Fae. Also, which Lauren is your favorite? Lab coat Lauren? Leather jacket Lauren? Hot forearms Lauren?

I know, I know. You just like Bo Lover Lauren, period. The cast will be at FanExpo in So, you’re excited now about season 2, aren’t you. Go, lover Lauren, go.