“All My Children” lesbian recap: Anything’s possible


Minx finally made a public appearance yesterday, after way too much screen time for everyone else on All My Children. We have a lot of clips today, but I couldn’t deprive you of even a second of seeing Marissa and Bianca together. Their interaction just keeps getting better. (Hat tip to LifeOnVenus for screencaps.)

JR has officially lost his mind along with joint custody of AJ, to the surprise of no one. His homophobic rants continue with Liza and Colby, but he’s all reformed in front of Dixie and Tad.


Dixie may have been locked in a room in semi-consciousness for a few years, but she hasn’t forgotten that JR can’t be trusted.

Bianca and Marissa, meanwhile, are celebrating Marissa’s custody victory at Krystal’s, the only restaurant in Pine Valley.


Was it just me, or was that scene a little stiff, even before Erica swept in? Bianca seemed uncomfortable, for some reason. (And “special” is not what you call sex with your hot girlfriend, Binx.) Why is Bianca so nervous around Marissa here? Let me know what you think.

Regardless, the whole place went into high alert when Erica! Kane! entered the room like she’d just won a lifetime Emmy (hint, hint). “I can’t wait to hear everything I’ve missed. Oh, wait – yes I can.”

The looks between Bianca and Marissa are priceless.

Erica is back to being, well, Erica, which means that she is the center of the world.

Bianca wants so much to tell her mom that she’s in love, but Erica has no time to hear about anyone else.


Now, watch that clip again and just look at Marissa. I love how she looks Bianca up and down — like someone in lust with a hot woman. Well played, SG.

This is one of the only times I remember Bianca actually admitting that Erica’s behavior hurts her sometimes. Binx usually is quite willing to let Mom be in the spotlight. Not now — Marissa is center stage and Erica needs to know. I wanted Bianca to take that scarf and wrap it around Erica’s tiny next to make her listen.

You know, I don’t really recall Bianca being this emotionally intimate with any of her past girlfriends. She and Marissa talk about real things — they share their insides as well as their, um, outsides. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Bianca be this vulnerable with anyone but Kendall.


So much to love about that scene! Marissa’s spot-on imitation of Erica. Her support and encouragement of Bianca. Bianca’s declaration that Marissa is the most incredible thing that’s happened in her life. Whatever the cause of the discomfort earlier, it’s gone now.

Note to wardrobe: Next time SG wears that dress, lose the scarf, mmm-kay?

JR has been up to his usual dastardly deeds, somehow sneaking a camera into Marissa’s hotel room and capturing Minx’s first night together. I wish I could say that the reason I’m not showing it is because it’s too hot for the site. Unfortunately, we just don’t see much.

The plan is to load the video on Marissa’s computer and then tell the judge that she made a sex tape and carelessly left it where AJ could see it. So much is wrong with this plan that we don’t even need to go there. But JR is an idiot and is obsessed with getting back at Marissa. Let’s just focus on Minx, shall we?


Could they be any cuter? OK, I know — we’re going the U-Haul route a little too quickly. But with less than a month left to wrap things up, I’m all for playing out this particular trope. What I appreciate, though, is that Bianca still is the one who’s a little hesitant about things; she tells Opal that Marissa probably isn’t ready for the commitment of a house together. As usual, Marissa is already there, showing AJ the house she wants them to live in.

And Binx escorting Marissa out the door? Priceless. Go, Binx.

The walk in the park takes adorable to an entirely new level.


“Anything’s possible.”

Sarah Glendening is so good at flirty Marissa. I think she’s had some real life experience, don’t you?

Liza tries to stop JR from going through with his plan, but he’s determined. For now, I have to say how much I appreciate her — Liza has been the voice of progress and reason with JR. I didn’t know she had it in her.


And despite everything, Marissa still wants to believe that JR can change. Bianca’s not buying it.


Marissa may live to regret it, true, but not as much as JR will. The wrath of the Kane women cannot be underestimated — and we’re about to see Junior get a full-on ass-whoopin’. At least I hope so.

As always, you can watch the full episode at Hulu or ABC and catch all the latest Minx clips at YouTube.

What are your thoughts on today’s episode? Do you think JR will end up in jail this time?

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