10 things the first Season 3 “Glee” promo beats into us


Here’s something I’m happy about – I’ll never have to play dodgeball in high school again. Here’s something else I’m happy about – those adorable Glee Club kids do. OK, so they’re not so much “playing” dodgeball as being forcibly subjected to it, but it still makes for a fun first Season 3 promo for Glee.

Sure, there’s not much to it other than Sue Sylvester terrorizing the students and faculty of McKinley High (and one very special Dalton Academy attendee), but it still manages to tell us 10 very important things in a mere 30 seconds.

1. Sue still hates the Glee Club, kittens and the universe.

2. Mr. Schuester still has more vests than the cast of Blossom.

3. Rachel will not participate for more than two seconds in any activity where balls fly at her nose.

4. Finn’s emotional range, in a nutshell.

5.Kurt and the Doctor both think bowties are cool.

6. Blaine also thinks bowties are cool, though possibly not his Dalton blazer.

7. Quinn needs to go all Lima Heights Adjacent on whoever decided she should only appear out-of-focus and in the background.

8. Mike still can’t sing, but he can shield.

9. Artie is pretty sure Santana threw this.

10. Brittana is on… well, Santana and Brittany are back on the Cheerios at least.

p.s. God, I missed those Cheerio skirts. I missed them so, so much.

Other tidbits we know about the new season so far? Dianna Agron briefly dyed her hair pink for the start of the season. Idina Menzel is back on set this week reprising her role as Rachel Berry’s birth mom. Oh, and Chris Colfer may die for his art today. I know, I know – it’s so shocking. The pink hair, I mean.

Oh, and one more thing: I think someone needs to talk to the Glee marketing department about its “For Your Consideration” Emmy ads. I’m pretty sure all of those pictures belong to Santana.

And that’s what you missed while Glee was on summer hiatus. So, is it Sept. 20 yet?

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