“All My Children” lesbian recap: Afterglow


Part of the magic of falling in love is this: It always feels brand new; the lovers have “never felt this way before.” And it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. 

We roll our eyes when we hear such things from a friend in a new relationship, but only because we’ve been there and know that the first glow fades all too quickly. The truth is, though, that we all wish it lasted forever. 

Which is why I’m confident that you watched this Minx scene about a bazillion times.


Once again, I’m astounded at how much better the writing is for the storyline than what we’ve seen in Bianca’s past relationships. Nothing here is contrived — we get a morning after that could be any couple, straight or gay, in the AMC universe. (Except, of course, a straight couple would be wearing less clothing.) And Christina and Sarah nailed it again, with Marissa so OK that she’s not even sure at first why Bianca is asking and Bianca so happy she can hardly contain herself. I don’t see one false note here. Kudos to everyone involved.

The phone call was about JR, of course, up to his usual schemes by getting the custody hearing moved up. 


We haven’t seen much of lawyer Marissa lately, so hearing her talk about “her game” is a nice reminder. Minx is so endearing that we forget these are two successful independent businesswomen. Neither is going to back down from a challenge. 

They’re also mothers. 

Sure, this scene borders on cutesy, but with these two, it works. (And I’m always happy when “avocado” is spelled correctly on a menu. Just me?) Again, Marissa immediately goes into lawyer mode when she learns that JR tried to bribe the judge. I don’t think she’s worried about JR at all; I think she’s worried that he’s got a lot more up his sleeve. 

She’s right.

Looks like JR’s homophobia isn’t altogether alcohol related after all. He is stone cold sober. 

We knew this was coming, but that doesn’t make it any less disgusting. I have a feeling we have a tough week ahead, so I’m going to scroll up and watch that first scene a few more times. 

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