All My Children lesbian recap: “Wow.”


Tuesday afternoon, the Lesbian Bat Signal lit up Twitter.

Yes, it was Minx. And yes, more happened than the All My Children teasers led us to believe.

If more is coming on Friday, I may need to rent a defibrillator.

You know, doing recaps means I watch the Minx scenes over and over, sometimes frame by frame (oh, the sacrifices of being an writer). I watched the last two scenes at least 20 times and got teary every single time. Sigh.

Bianca has just seen for herself that Zach has come back from the dead. Since he is not only Kendall’s husband, but also Gabby’s baby daddy, Bianca is pretty shaken up. Like a good girlfriend, Marissa is on the scene to support her. I have to say that Marissa hasn’t missed a beat since she realized she’s in love with Binx. She speaks up — and shows up.


I really love Marissa’s reaction to David. She is skeptical of him, but then sees that he is genuinely happy for her. When Bianca realizes that David isn’t going to be his usual a-hole self, she relaxes, too. They don’t completely let their guards down, but understand that David wants both of them to have love. That was some nice subtlety from Sarah and Christina. Their faces often tell stories better than the script.


Then the scene we were waiting for.


“Hey, Marissa! What do you want to do now?”

“YOU! I want to do YOU!”

Again, Sarah and Christina got it right. The body language of flirting and nervousness and disbelief was just perfect. When Bianca realized what was, um, coming, my heart was pounding as hard as hers was.

In the time it took to go from the hospital to the hotel, however, that pounding had drifted down to other regions. And lesbians everywhere began to cheer — and hyperventilate.


“Wow” is right, David.

I don’t even know what to say. Bianca’s realistic awkwardness, Marissa’s certainty … then Bianca taking the lead with Marissa responding to every touch … I honestly don’t remember ever feeling like this when I’ve watched other lesbian couples on TV. Maybe it’s because we see Marissa and Bianca several times a week; we know them and have seen how they progressed to intimacy. Maybe it’s because we know that Sarah Glendening and Christina Bennett Lind believe in this storyline and took special care to get it right. Maybe it’s because both the actresses and the characters are not afraid of love, in whatever form it happens to take.

I’ll leave it to you to point out the many things to love about this episode of All My Minx in the comments. You can watch the full episode at Hulu or ABC and see the latest Minx clips on YouTube.

And whatever happens the rest of the week, we know one thing for sure: When the Lesbian Bat Signal shines, two very special straight women see it, too.

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