Angst-free Callie and Arizona coming this season on “Grey’s Anatomy”


Calzona fans, you can exhale. Grey’s Anatomy honcho Shonda Rhimes promises no “intense angst” between newlyweds Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins this season. Wait, doesn’t everyone have angst always at Seattle Grace Mercy Grace?

Rhimes told that after all that Callie and Arizona went through last season (the breakup and reconciliation and pregnancy and baby daddy and car crash and coma-induced singing – I could go on), this will be smoother sailing. As Rhimes said to

They went through so much last season. There was a lot of darkness. I sort of want them to get to be in the light this year …. We’re going to let them be a three-dimensional happy couple, and we will watch them have struggles that are their own, but we’re not going to play intense angst with them.

Of course, this being Grey’s, it can’t be all sunshine and ponies for any character. Rhimes hinted at potential problems in the bedroom department instead. She said this season we’ll “enjoy them as mothers” which will include “see[ing] what motherhood does to their sex life, their relationship, and their work life.” Oh, man. I think we all know what dreaded three words those sex life problems probably refers to. Perhaps if we don’t mention it, it’ll just go away.

Still, Rhimes assures Calzona fans that nothing as heavy as last season is coming up for our good doctors for the eighth season. So, like I was saying, perhaps everyone can finally exhale. An angst free Calzona, now doesn’t that have a lovely ring to it?

So, excited to see the happy couple again once the show returns Sept. 22? Worried about those bedroom problems?

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