“Degrassi: Now or Never” recap: Week 4


Hey, everyone, we’re officially more than halfway through the summer season! How’s it feel? I’ve gotten so used to it that I fear I’ll end up disappointed this fall when my other shows come back and have only one episode per week to offer me.

This week finds Adam and Dave in the recording studio with Katie, editor of the student newspaper, as their guest for the day. She’s cute and flirty, so Adam makes no effort to hide it when he checks her out. When she says they’re looking for male models for the fashion show, Adam jumps at the opportunity to spend more time with her. Plus, it’ll give him the chance to practice his “manly strut.”

His confidence wavers, though, and he becomes convinced Katie was just being nice for the sake of their radio show. He wouldn’t mind getting to know her, but he doesn’t know if he’s “into taking chances with girls anymore.” Dave encourages him, saying that as far as he’s concerned, Adam’s a dude. And double dates would be fun.

Adam works up the nerve to show up for the fashion show rehearsal, where Katie hands him a form-fitting T-shirt – apparently that’s what guys are into these days. After a half-second of hesitation, he takes it.

She tries to pair him off with one of the other girls, but he suggests the two of them work together instead. She agrees coyly, and they joke around for a few moments.

In the silence that follows, Adam says, “You know I’m trans, right?” to which she casually responds, “Yeah, I know.” Confused, she asks if she “did something wrong” to cause him to make that statement. No, Katie. In fact, so far, you’ve done everything right. She nonchalantly assures him that she thinks of him as one of the guys.

During the fashion show, Adam is struck by a sudden case of nerves, tugging uncomfortably at his form-fitting T-shirt. Afterward, Katie breathes that she’s glad it’s over, and she wants the two of them to celebrate it together!