“All My Children” teases an exciting week for Minx fans


In our interview with Christina Bennett Lind and Sarah Glendening, Lind told us that some “big things” were coming up for Bianca and Marissa that she couldn’t tell us about. She was right — one of the biggest is going to happen later this week on All My Children. If you don’t want to know, stop now – major spoilers ahead!

Here’s the scoop, according to AMC teasers: On Tuesday’s episode, Marissa tells Bianca that she’s ready for them to spend the night together. Later in the week — possibly Friday — we’ll see them basking in afterglow, sex hair and all. (Thanks to @Ceridwyn2 for the scan.)

We don’t know whether the week of episodes is one day in soap opera time, but, seriously, do we care? Minx totally is going to do it. As Glendening said, “Turn on your DVR, baby!”

Soap Opera Weekly talked to Glendening about Marissa and Bianca taking the next step.

“[Marissa’s] incredibly committed and ready to be a couple in every way,” she said. “She’s made such a big change in her life and taken a leap of faith. But she wouldn’t have done it without thinking it through, you know? The way I relate to it is that I will go back and forth a lot when I’m making a decision, but once I’ve made it, I am 100 percent sure about it. That’s my way into it; that’s how I think Marissa is seeing it. So the fact that she’s gone this far, it’s like, ‘Okay, let’s keep going! Let’s go all the way with it!'”

Lind told Soap Opera Digest that Bianca is thrown a little when Marissa tells her she’s ready for a sleepover.

“She’s totally caught off guard by Marissa’s self-assuredness,” Lind said. “Bianca is surprised that Marissa is so ready for it, so quickly. More than anything, she wants to make sure that Marissa is okay with it, every step of the way.”

Part of the reason is, of course, that Bianca has an unfortunate history with formerly straight women. “Bianca’s not unfamiliar with people who aren’t sure, and Marissa is anything but not sure. It’s happening so fast and she is totally on board. I think it takes a really strong person to come out and see themselves (sic) differently, so quickly. I think Bianca really respects her.”

In a terrific interview with Lind and Glendening last week (a must-read for Minx fans), Michael Fairman of On Air On Soaps asked about filming the love scenes. Both women are happy with how things went.

“I think it is very nice and not graphic and it is very tender,” Glendening said. “I think people will find it’s very sweet and has all kinds of sensitivity and love in it. It’s not like we’re ‘going at it.’ We are discovering each other and I think it’s beautiful. But I have not seen the footage and I only know what we did.”

“I thought it was not well described in the script what we would be doing when we shot the scene,” Lind explained. “So the director at one point had us take a piece of clothing off. So I thought, ‘Oh, we are really going to do this! So then … let’s really do this!’ So of course, my independent and adventuress spirit started coming out. Then I thought, ‘Oh wait. This is daytime, so we can’t do anything too crazy.’ But I think both of us were consciously trying to do that experience justice: for the fans who are watching, and to make it real and sweet and also sexy. We were both trying to make it sexy, even though there is a cap to what you can do on daytime. I think both of us were a bit nervous, but once we got going, we were good. I hope it turns out sexy enough, because I think there is a sweetness to it.”

I have a feeling that waiting for Friday will make this a very long week for Minx fans. But I also have a feeling that the payoff will be well worth it. And as always, we’ll have recaps of every Minx minute.

Are you ready for All My Children to bring us the frisky side of Minx? Do you think we’ll get a bit of spice along with the sweetness?

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