Styled Out: Banana Republic launches its “Mad Men”-inspired line


Have you heard the news?! In as soon as a day Banana Republic will launch its Mad Men-inspired line. Unless you’re from the planet of poor taste and have no appreciation for mid-century American design, you will drool over the attention to detail in this series.

Let’s be real. The look of the early 1960s is a tailored classic and B.R. has done an excellent job of replicating the style of the era while keeping it modern and affordable, with items ranging in price from about $40 – $250.

On Thursday, August 11 you’ll have the opportunity to take in the entire 65-piece collection for yourself online and in stores. The hats in the collection are really taking my breath away, as are the cuts of the skirts and dresses; they’re flattering on most any body type, just another really great aspect of clothing design in the 60s.

“The tailoring and fit of the suits on the alluring Don Draper, and Betty Draper’s elegant, yet lively dresses, are reflected in the collection as seen through the tailoring, patterns, and style,” says Banana Republic senior vice president of design Simon Kneen. “We had a lot of fun drawing inspiration from Janie Bryant‘s (Mad Men’s designer) arsenal of vintage pieces, from which we developed the collection in collaboration with her.”

I, for one, am psyched to have an alternative solution to my vintage-inspired dress needs now that Anthropologie is on my s–t list (excuse me while I shed a few tears over it). I will take that orange and gray floral patterned dress if you’re feeling in the mood to give gifts, please and thank you.

What say you? Are you mad for the collection or will you stick to putting together your own vintage-inspired ensembles?

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