“All My Children” lesbian recap: The dead rising from the grave! Mass hysteria! Lesbians kissing!


After yesterday’s All My Children episode, I felt like Kendall did early in the ep: “Did that just happen?” Seriously, Minxies: We have a loving, affectionate lesbian couple on AMC. Treated like other couples, with lots of drama around them, but on solid ground. And they are friggin’ adorable.

(Thanks to seriam for the gif.)

First, a bit of AMC news to catch you up since our last Minx post. (Assuming you were able to move past that gif.)

The parade of former cast members continues (Leo and Dixie and Zech, oh my!) and Sarah Michelle Cellar confirmed last week that she will return before ABC ends AMC‘s run in September. No word yet on her role, but feel free to speculate in the comments.

This morning we learned that the goddess herself, AMC creator Agnes Nixon, will reprise her role as Agnes Eckhart starting August 31. The announcement explains that Eckhart will cross paths with Erica Kane in the hospital and will have “a profound effect on all of the characters she interacts with that changes the course of their lives.” Like moving them into a virtual universe online, you mean?

Maybe. Production company Prospect Park still is negotiating with the guilds and unions involved in AMC to work out a collective bargaining agreement for taking the show online. Meanwhile, rumors have cropped up that Prospect has been shopping AMC and One Life to Live to cable networks. The arrangement would be similar to what ABC and Soap Net have now: the shows would air online first, then repeat on cable.

Keep in mind that online networks are new territory for long-running TV shows and working out details takes time. At the current pace, we may not see AMC online until early 2012. We’ll keep you posted, as always.

How good has AMC been lately? Damn good. Seriously, how much did you cry when Tad saw Dixie?

But we are about Minx here. And Minx, my friends, is doing fine.

I have to say that I feel a little silly getting so excited about things that we barely notice with straight couples on TV. Like, for example, Bianca calling Marissa for support when half of Oak Haven — including the long “dead” Dixie — shows up at Kendall’s.


I really love Christina in that scene, especially at the very end. The way she plays Bianca’s sense of humor just seems right. I don’t know how else to explain it. I just wish TPTB would give her a wardrobe that matches her personality.

Marissa, however, matches Bianca perfectly. Even Kendall knows it.


May I just point out that two lesbians are kissing on the couch with no previews or announcements ahead of time? This, my friends, is proof that all is right in the world. Forget the stock market. Forget the weather. Lesbians are kissing on network television without fanfare!

What’s that? They kissed again? In the same episode?


How cute are they? How normal are they? I love it.

I also love that Marissa was so excited about reaching level seven of Traffic Jam — like a real mom. A real lesbian mom. What is happening to this show? Oh, wait – good writing; I forgot.

Speaking of good writing, I can’t let this recap pass without at least one Kinx scene. Anyone wanting proof that Christina has made Bianca her own needs look no farther than this episode’s Bianca/Kendall interaction.


I swear they almost kissed there. Just me?

As always, we’ll be watching and will bring you the best of Minx. Meanwhile, you can watch full episodes at hulu.com or ABC and the latest Minx clips on YouTube.

How did you like this episode of All My Children? Is Minx still making you smile?

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