Romi Klinger talks about the reality of “The Real L Word”


When a friend recommended makeup artist Romi Klinger for a shoot I was working on, I instantly recognized the name — not as a production contact, but as a two-season cast member of The Real L Word.  Granted, the only episode I watched was from Season 1, when she had on-camera sex with Whitney Mixter, so my impression of Romi was based mostly on that one crazy scene.

By the time the shoot was over, I had gotten to know the Real Romi, and not Reality Romi. (For the record, Real Romi is very professional and great to work with!) And so, I kept asking myself, “How and why did this nice, down-to-earth girl end up on a reality show?” I decided the best way to find out was to simply ask her, so I did. We ended up talking about that, and a whole lot more. What made you decide to be on The Real L Word?

Romi Klinger:
I had just starting to date Whitney [before they began taping Season 1.] I wasn’t sure what this show was, but I didn’t care because I really liked her. When they started shooting, I was a bit turned off by it. I didn’t want to sign up or jump on board. But then one day, I said “F-ck it. I like this girl and I can go with this, or not.” I am pretty much an open book as it is, so I put my life and my emotions for Whitney out there for the world to see. Who knew that day would change so much of my life?

AE: The cast received criticism and judgment, as most reality show people do. How do you respond to that?

Since Season 1, I have heard all kinds of criticism. You can’t please everyone. I am honest with who I am on and off camera. There has been a lot of great support since Season 2. For the new cast, it might have been shocking to see how the final show was edited, but I was prepared after last season. It’s a show, at the end of the day. What they do with that footage is up to them. I laugh it off and don’t let any of it get to me. I can’t.

AE: Last year, I saw the Season 1 episode where you had pretty graphic sex on camera with Whitney. Afterward, I Googled you to see if you had made a public statement, which you had. I really loved your positive response. Care to reiterate it here?

Whitney and I had the famous strap-on scene in Season 1 that brought a lot of attention to me, not all of it positive. As far as sex with Whitney on Season 1, and sex with Kelsey on Season 2, I can’t say it enough: I am very comfortable with my body. Sex is sex and I am not ashamed of it.

Straight people have sex all the time on cable and in the movies, and no one says anything. [But] I have sex with someone I love, who happens to be another woman, and I get all these opinions? Thank God my mother and father raised me to be a strong woman and who owns who I am.

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