“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 209, the Season Finale


Previously: Cori and Kacy became the proud new owners of a veiny, eight-inch paperweight. Newly single Romi spread her wings and promptly wrapped them around Whitney’s head. Sajdah’s mom paid a visit to her “Ima-bang-you-out” daughter. Claire was AWOL, Rachel cried some more, and Kelsey started livin’ in a box. Livin’ in a cardboard box.

Today, Romi is regretting her recent make-out/hook-up with Whitney. Whether it was for real, for the moment, or wink, wink, for the camera, is anyone’s guess, but now in the harsh light of her the bathroom mirror, Romi sees it was a fail. She has better things to do, anyway. Like her eyebrows.

Good eyebrows: The femme’s six-pack. No, wait. That’s boobs. Good eyebrows: The femme’s gun show. Better.

Romi is modeling her rings and things from Hija, her original jewelry line. She and her biz partner, Vanessa have a potential buyer and they want to show him pictures at the meeting. Romi has two poses: pensively looking to the left, and pensively looking to the right.

Tyra called. You’re not smizing.

Whitney has better things to do, too. Her San Francisco trick, Jaq, is in town to help with the Pants vs. Pumps Throwdown field day. Whitney tells Jaq they have a lot of work to do: make gold hammer and shoe trophies, get props for the three-legged high heel race, and build other crazy things. It’s sort of genius.

As Whitney drives through that all-too familiar exit at LAX, she should wave to Francine, who’s on her way into the airport to pick up her mom, Yoko. Magical Elves should just open an annex office at Baggage Claim.

Francine’s mother appears in her Vegas afternoon finery, which makes sense, since she lives in Las Vegas. What doesn’t make sense, is this (as suggested by Nada on my Facebook):

Yoko was a famous singer and actress in Japan in the 60s, but today, she’s your typical nagging Asian mother. Asian mothers only care about four things: Are you saving money? How is your job? Do you have successful friends? And again, are you saving money?

Francine has added stress because she plans on coming out to her mom this time around. Meanwhile, Yoko has brought her own surprise. She wants to make Francine listen to cassettes of her singing. I don’t know which has the bigger yikes factor: 1968 Japanese cabaret tunes or admitting Claire was your girlfriend.

Yoko wants the best of everything for her only child, so, she gives Francine some time-tested, Asian mother-approved advice.

Yoko: If you’re going to choose a guy, he has to be nice. Of course, they have to have money, too. Not just a pretty face. You’ll get bored of the face in one year.

Or if you’re Romi, less than a year.

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