Minx happens: “All My Children” lesbian recap


Marissa and Bianca did it!

OK, they didn’t do it, but they kissed — which we’re all hoping will lead to It.

Here’s what happened on the All My Children episode we’ve been waiting for.

(Is it just me, or is Binx getting hotter by the episode?)

After Bianca advised JR to be honest with Marissa, he confessed that Bianca had been advising him on how to woo her. Bianca knew, of course, because she wanted to do the wooing herself.

Marissa didn’t realize, though, how much Bianca had helped until she talked about it to Binx – and she was pretty pissed at JR about it. But midway through telling him off, the truth dawned.


Marissa is a little slow sometimes, but the cute makes up for it.

As we’ve come to expect, JR tried to put the blame back on Bianca. But he wasn’t ready for Bianca to show a side of herself that we’ve rarely seen. I think this is one of my favorite Bianca scenes ever.


You go, Bianca.

Marissa doesn’t quite know what to do with the realization of how much Bianca cares about her. Then as she talks to Scott, she realizes that she does know. And she’s going to do it.


Marissa somehow knows exactly where to find Bianca — AMC is awesome like that. As soon as she sees Marissa, Bianca realizes something is different. But Marissa always has to process, just like, well, a lesbian.


Stop talking, Marissa.


From closet to girl kiss: Marissa’s journey is right on course.

If you can’t watch these clips, you can find compilations of Minx scenes at YouTube and One More Lesbian and full episodes at ABC.com and hulu.com.

We’re working on getting an interview with Christina Bennett Lind (Bianca) and Sarah Glendening (Marissa), so stay tuned. And naturally, we’ll be as timely as possible in recapping all the Minx goodness.

What’s next for Minx? Discuss.