Bianca confesses her feelings for Marissa on “All My Children”


As All My Children moves into its final months before the show ends, lesbian character Bianca Montgomery (Christina Bennett Lind) is ready to grab some happiness for herself — in the form of her gorgeous best friend Marissa Tasker (Sarah Glendening).

We told you last month that the storyline seemed to be headed toward a romance between Bianca and Marissa. But two major obstacles had to be overcome first: Marissa’s ex-husband JR and Marissa’s sexual orientation: SSF (Straight So Far).

The friends have gotten closer, and Bianca even has been helping JR win back Marissa (you know, anything to make her happy), but the longing looks and lingering hugs have gotten more intense. Last week, Marissa invited herself and AJ on a trip with Bianca and the girls.


I hope Bianca never plays poker. (Go ahead and make the joke. I’ll wait.)

Marissa, on the other hand, either is completely oblivious or is the best poker player ever. And methinks someone among the AMC writers is a Naomily fan.


Bouncy castle action or not, though this may be the most lesbian moment ever in the history of AMC:


Oh, Binx, you big ol’ gaymo, you.

Finally, the moment of truth: Bianca returns to the room after her meeting and sits on the corner of the bed. God, Bianca, are your pants on fire? Marissa tells her to relax — which for Bianca is impossible under even the best of circumstances.


Marissa’s face says it all; she is as straight as Bianca is gay. And that’s what Marissa tells Bianca. But even as Marissa returns to JR’s bed, she can’t quite get the memory Binx out of her head. (Poetry!)

You can watch Friday’s episode on Hulu; today’s ep will be up by tomorrow morning. The forum on Bianca and Marissa also has great clips and daily updates. And we will do our best to bring you timely recaps of Minx developments.

In other AMC news, Carol Burnett has joined the procession of alumni returning to the show before it ends. Burnett will reprise her role as Verla Grubbs.

To give you a preview of Verla goodness, here’s a clip of Burnett from a 1984 episode featuring a very special cameo. Apologies for the quality, but it’s worth squinting for.



Let’s all give our ears a tug in memory of the great Elizabeth Taylor.

How do you like the Minx storyline on All My Children? Any predictions for how long Marissa will wait to come running back to Bianca?

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