SAT1 cancels “Hand aufs Herz”


The sky is falling! The sky is falling! What’s that? The sky’s not falling? Well, it might as well be falling because this summer has been nothing but tear-jerking news about our favorite fictional lesbian teens. Sacha Parkinson is leaving Corrie, Brittany and Santana are graduating on Glee, and this morning, SAT1 announced that they are canceling Hand aufs Herz and taking Jenny and Emma along with them.

Here’s the translated press statement via

We are ending our daily show Hand aufs Herz after its first season at the beginning of September. Despite having given viewers plenty of time to find this wonderful show, and working relentlessly with the whole production team on its format, the ratings have remained far underneath the channel’s average. Even the great success that Hand aufs Herz had online couldn’t compensate the difficulties in finding a viewing audience for TV.

The last day of filming was today, apparently, but the show will continue to air through September. Let’s look for rays of sunshine in the storm, shall we? The writers are planning a happy send-off for Jenny and Emma, and Sappho knows they deserve it after all they’ve been thorough! Plus, Lucy Scherer’s contract is up in August and there was all sorts of chatter that she had her eye on the theater again, so there’s really no guarantee that Jemma would have lasted long past September anyway. Double plus, one thing SAT1 knows now for sure is that awesome lesbian characters bring in scores of lesbian viewers (so look for them to tap into that market again soon!). And, best of all: Stories live forever.

Great storytellers create characters that live independently of their pens. And those characters become willful beings, with real hopes and real fears and real desires. And that’s exactly what Lucy and Kasia and Petra Bodenbach, HaH’s creator/writer/producer, had the courage to do on HaH. They breathed life into Jenny and Emma, but the characters will live in our imaginations long after the show airs its last episode. (And if I know anything about the Jemma fandom, they’ll live on in fanfic and fan videos and subtitled clips for all the world to see!)

I’ll be recapping HaH right up until the very end. So stock up on ChocoFresh and let’s enjoy every Jemma moment from here until September.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat an entire pizza by myself and do a little living room ballet to Pink’s “F–kin’ Perfect.”

How do you feel about HaH’s cancellation?

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