“Lost Girl” gets a second season start date and Anna Silk talks about the future of the show’s love triangle


Lost Girl, TV’s best (fine, OK, only) supernatural drama about a bisexual succubus, has a premiere date for its second season. The show will return Sept. 4 on Showcase in Canada. That means you have just a little over two months to make a close personal friend with someone in Canada who will invite you over to watch. Get on it, time’s a wastin’.

The series – which is like a sexy cross between Buffy, The X-Files and Nancy Drew – premiered last year and had gay lady fans all atwitter about the relationship between succubus heroine Bo and insatiably curious and big-brown puppy-dog eyed Dr. “Hotpants” Lauren. The cast has been at work filming Season 2 since May. Earlier this year, SyFy announced they had picked up both seasons 1 and 2 of the series to air in the United States, though no premiere date has been set yet.

Series star Anna Silk (who will always look like Mary-Louise Parker’s long-lost sister to me) was at the Canadian TV upfronts earlier this month and spilled a few tidbits about the new season to The Televixen. Fan wondering if the Bo-Lauren-Dyson love triangle will continue should take heart:

It definitely continues, and it’s a very misshapen triangle at this point. Bo does have two lovers, and you’ll see more about that in Season 2, those relationships get explored further. It’s pretty exciting.

Misshapen in what way? Hopefully the way that gives us more hot Doccubus action. What has been so nice about the unfolding of her relationship with Lauren in Season 1 is that is evolved slowly. Instead of being the flash in the pan to titillate viewers, the Bo/Lauren flirtation was a slow boil. And when it boiled over, boy did it ever.

What else can Anna say about Season 2?

What’s exciting is that Bo will be tested in a new way this season. She will explore her relationships further. She will question her loyalties. I really think that the writers have done an amazing job in taking where we left off in Season 1 and taking it to the next level. Each script is really rich in new creatures and exploring the mythology further, and seeing Bo’s journey along with her makeshift family.

Like I was saying, who in Canada want to be my friend, eh?

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