“Weeds” comes through with women-in-prison action


Why Nancy Botwin, you little minx!

Yes, you can believe your eyes — Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) is kissing her Russian cell mate Zoya (Olga Sosnovska). And from the intensity of this not-so-quick kiss goodbye, I’d say these women have made out before.


My only question: Why is this clip so short?

Weeds has never shied away from lesbian content, of course. For the first few seasons it featured a regular lesbian character: Isabelle Hodes (Allie Grant). At one point, we thought Isabelle might get a girlfriend, but nothing much happened. Isabelle’s mom Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) had a fling with her lesbian boss, but the whole affair was kind of icky — even though we had some humor when Celia asked Isabelle how to be “lesbionic.” Both characters have since vanished, along with our hopes of a Nancy/Celia hookup.

Last season we had a glimmer of hope when we learned that Linda Hamilton had been cast as a lesbian pot dealer but, again, nothing much happened.

So, I am all for seeing Nancy in a little girl-on-girl action onscreen. After all this teasing, I think Jenji Kohan and company owe it to us, don’t you?

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