Show your pop culture pride this Gay Pride Month


With only two weeks left during Gay Pride Month, it’s time to really let your LGBT show. But for those who tire of just waving a rainbow flag, there are many other ways to show your pride this season. With a little help from the gay pop culture zeitgeist, you could proudly proclaim “I’m here, I’m queer, it’s pretty clear I’m a top-tier cable subscriber.” What? Like you don’t watch TV.

Top 10 Pop Culture Ways to Show Your Pride:

1. Wear a “Lebanese” T-shirt, like Naya Rivera.

2. Wear a “Likes Girls” T-shirt, like Dianna Agron.

3. Find a motorcycle and attach a Lady Gaga head (replica, people, replica) to the front à la “Born This Way.” In fact, if I don’t see at least one Chopper adorned this way during the Dykes on Bikes part of the parade I will be sorely disappointed.

4. Somehow get cast on True Blood. That show is super gay.

5. Alternately, get turned into a vampire. Vampires are super, super gay.

6. Glitter bomb at an anti-gay Republican presidential candidate. Everyone is doing it.

7. Ride around with your girlfriend on an orange scooter through the center of town laughing and kissing and sharing a cigarette. No, wait, don’t smoke — it’ll kill you. But definitely be each other’s pajamas.

8. Become embroiled in a prolonged murder mystery where your best friends become suspects and you lose one girlfriend to juvie camp and another one to — wait, I’m not sure where Paige went.

9. Get pregnant by your best friend, reunite with your girlfriend, get into a life-threatening auto accident, have a baby, and then get married. Or, if you’re pressed for time, just get married.

10. Call a New York senator and tell him/her to support marriage equality so your Empire State friends can get hitched legally.

Well, there you have it. Just a few fun suggestions on how to show your true colors. How will be showing your support this month? Happy pride, all.

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