Non-queer-identifying “Glee” actress Naya Rivera talks about the fate of lesbian character Santana Lopez


I’ve got to be honest with you: I’ve been pretty down every since Fox cancelled Glee, the show; Glee, the feature film; and Glee, the world tour due to the fact that not-currently-publicly-queer-identifying actress Dianna Agron wore that “Likes Girls” T-shirt and sent half the lesbians on earth into a spiral of Nuclear-level Processing Doom.

Wait, what? The Glee cast is still on tour? The movie is still in the works? The show will be back for a third season with the tagline “The Gayest Motherf–king Show On Earth”? Are you telling me the earth is still spinning? Man, I’ve got to stop getting all my world news from the comments sections.

Just kidding, angry lesbians! I love you! Here, have a gorgeous smile!

Anyhoodle, guess what? The New York Post caught up with Naya Rivera in New York City, the last stop on the Glee tour before the gang heads to London. There’s lots of juicy goodness from Rivera.

On going from “minor character” to “the show’s bright spot”:

From day one, my goal was just to do good work – and stick around [laughs]. I never thought this would happen, but I’m just so happy that it did. It’s so shocking to me, and very, very flattering that people love me because they love Santana. I feel so blessed.

On becoming “quite the lesbian du jour”:

I got proposed to by women twice today at a Meet & Greet. And at the last tour stop, I got two bouquets of roses. It’s so sweet. Getting hit on by both genders is such a champagne problem.

On her favorite season two moments:

I loved what the fans having lovingly dubbed “The Hurt Locker” – when Santana confessed her love for Brittany. It was the first time, as an actor, I saw the fruits of my labor. I was so prepared for that scene and in my heart, I was happy with the work I did. And to be so proud of something you did is the best feeling, no matter the profession.

On her hopes for Santana for season three:

I’d like to see her explore her sexuality more – maybe with people aside from Brittany. I know everyone wants them together, but I think [show writer] Brad Falchuk put it best when he said that this is about Santana’s journey and not so much about her with Brittany. I’d love to see her get a girlfriend and maybe soften up a bit as a result.

One of the most interesting bits of the interview is the part where the actors talk about Glee graduation. It’s something I’ve been wondering about a lot, actually. I read an interview with Jane Lynch where she said Brittany and Santana would be seniors this year, and now these guys are saying there will definitely be some kind of graduation at the end of the season. So is this the last year for Brittana? I guess we can’t worry about that now. The world did just start re-spinning, after all.

What do you think about Naya’s words to the Post? What do you hope is in store for Santana in season there?

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