“Weeds” keeps us high with anticipation for Season 7


With less than two weeks until what possibly is the final season of Weeds premieres, I am getting impatient for a preview — proof that screeners can turn TV writers into spoiled brats.

But Weeds creator Jenji Kohan at least has been giving us tidbits of what’s coming in Season 7 to tide us over. A few weeks ago, we learned that the season starts with Nancy’s release after serving a three-year stint in Federal prison for killing Pilar Zuazo. She is in New York at a strictly monitored halfway house — so she has to do whatever she does before curfew. And what she does is make a new start — as a bolder, more aggressive pot dealer.

The Botwin boys and Doug, meanwhile, have been having their own adventures in Copenhagen. Silas did modeling, Shane did puppet theater and Andy did his girlfriend.

But, as always, when Nancy beckons, the boys come running.

“They had their relationships and their things, but there was a sense that they were always treading water because Nancy seems to be their True North. When you don’t have that star in the sky, you get a little lost,” Kohan tells Entertainment Weekly.

Even when the distinguishing quality of said star is an ever-present iced latte.

Stevie has been staying with Nancy’ sister Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh, who returns for four episodes) and is almost four years old. A toddler is going to be quite an adjustment for Nancy; she can’t just cart him around while he sleeps like she used to. Now he can complain, just like his brothers.

The roster of guest starts includes Martin Short as an “eccentric attorney,” Aidan Quinn as CEO of an investment firm and Lindsay Sloane as Maxine, an offbeat conceptual artist Andy meets at a gallery event.

To my delight, Nancy’s former prison cellmate Zoya is Olga Sosnovska, best known to AfterEllen.com readers as half of The Very First Lesbian Kiss On Daytime TV. She was, at the time, Bianca’s Polish girlfriend in All My Children and, I confess, I will always be Team Lianca.

With this group, anything can happen — and I can’t wait to see Nancy and the Weeds gang light up the screen when the season starts June 27. Are you getting excited?

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