Jessica Clark gets racy on “Chemistry”


Out actress Jessica Clark has joined the cast of a new Cinemax series called Chemistry and it sounds a little, well, sexy. (It’s Cinemax, after all!)

Jessica plays Chantal, “the soon-to-be eighth wife of Chad Everett,” who is a “playboy” and father to the lead character. “[She’s] ostensibly a trophy wife but considerably smarter than she looks,” Jessica told me. “It’s a pretty racy drama/comedy and I’ll be in eight episodes.”

Considering there are only 13 episodes on Season 1, that’s a pretty good amount of Jessica we can look forward to. Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter describes the series:

Written and co-executive produced by Richard Christian Matheson and Norman Steinberg, the 13-episode series revolves around Liz (Ana Alexander, Femme Fatales) and Michael (Jonathan Chase, Veronica Mars) a couple with an intense physical relationship. Ragan Brooks (Desperate Housewives) has been cast as Jocelyn, Michael’s Martha Stewart-like fiancé who happens to be the daughter of Michael’s boss, Arthur.

Sounds like a cool cast. But since we won’t see Chemistry until fall, you’ll have to watch the ABC Family premiere of State of Georgia to see Jessica, where she plays an English model. (Method acting!) The show premieres June 29 and stars Raven Symone.

Jessica Clark, all over our TV screens and out and proud. Love it.

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