“Lost Girl” coming to SyFy is good news for sci-fi lovers and more


The pickup of the Canadian thriller Lost Girl by the SyFy channel isn’t just good news for series fans, but for fans of complex, grown-up, sexy sci-fi storylines. Oh, and did I mention there’s a smoking hot relationship between bisexual succubus Bo (Anna Silk) and insatiably curious human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer)? Right, there’s that, too.

SyFy has picked up 26 episodes of the show, which means they’ll air both the first season and upcoming second season. No word on when the show would begin airing yet. The stars of the series are currently filming season 2, which will begin airing in Canada in September. Palmer tweeted out a picture from the set. Looks woodsy.

For those unfamiliar with what, exactly, this Lost Girl is all about, the show follows bisexual succubus Bo (played by Silk) who feeds off sexual energy. Sure, it sounds fun, except she has this nasty habit of waking up next to dead lovers. As far as sexual dysfunctions go, I’d categorize that one as “enormous bummer.”

In case you are still a lost girl about what this series is all about, last season we published a handy Lost Girl 101 guide to get you up to speed. But the short, short version is that there is a secret supernatural world split between the Light Fae and the Dark Fae, both who want Bo on their side. Bo has a wolf-shifter boyfriend named Dyson, but is also hot for the lovely, soulful Lauren (heretofore to be known as Dr. Hotpants).

Without spoiling too much, things were left a bit in the air between those two so it’ll be fascinating (and, let’s hope really hot) to see how that all turns out next season. And by airing on SyFy, hopefully the show can pick up a whole new fanbase. So, excited? Intrigued? Lost? Discuss, and check out our Season 1 recaps if you want any spoilers.